Ard Al Ahlam The Land of Dreams

  • Auteur: Hannah P. Gross
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 2014
  • Collection:
  • Total Download: 3392
  • Total Read: 7102

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Women s Sexual Health Care in Saudi Arabia

  • Auteur: Ahlam Al-Zahrani
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 2010
  • Collection:
  • Total Download: 4796
  • Total Read: 9709

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This study was conducted to describe how women and health care professionals perceive sexual health and services that are currently provided in Saudi Arabia. Background At present, the worldwide health authority, in the form of the World Health Organisation ( WHO) has drawn great attention to the importance of improving women's sexual health globally. It is increasingly concerned about women's sexual health and permanently works to shed light on the innovative approaches that are needed to raise women's awareness of risky behaviour. and to help them access the advice and treatment they need to avoid negative health outcomes that would impact on their future lives. Research into women's sexual health in Saudi Arabia will help in identifying possible causes of poor sexual health care that could be used as preventive tools in that, or similar cultures. In addition, it helps to meet women's physiological, emotional and educational needs, which is essential to support good sexual health.

The Peculiar

  • Auteur: Ahlam A. Altamemi
  • ISBN: 9789948498230
  • Date de sortie: 2014
  • Collection:
  • Total Download: 3952
  • Total Read: 2217

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Archaeoastronomy and the Maya

  • Auteur: Gerardo Aldana y V.
  • ISBN: 1782976469
  • Date de sortie: 2014-05-30
  • Collection: Oxbow Books
  • Total Download: 8754
  • Total Read: 4846

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Archaeoastronomy and the Maya illustrates archaeoastronomical approaches to ancient Mayan cultural production. The book is contextualized through a history of archaeoastronomical investigations into Mayan sites, originating in the 19th century discovery of astronomical tables within hieroglyphic books. Early 20th century archaeological excavations revealed inscriptions carved into stone that also preserved astronomical records, along with architecture that was built to reflect astronomical orientations. These materials provided the basis of a growing professionalized archaeoastronomy, blossoming in the 1970s and expanding into recent years. The chapters here exemplify the advances made in the field during the early 21st century as well as the on-going diversity of approaches, presenting new perspectives and discoveries in ancient Mayan astronomy that result from recent studies of architectural alignments, codices, epigraphy, iconography, ethnography, and calendrics. More than just investigations of esoteric ancient sciences, studies of ancient Mayan astronomy have profoundly aided our understanding of Mayan worldviews. Concepts of time and space, meanings encoded in religious art, intentions underlying architectural alignments, and even methods of political legitimization are all illuminated through the study of Mayan astronomy.

Syrian Films

  • Auteur: LLC Books
  • ISBN: 9781157175681
  • Date de sortie: 2010-09
  • Collection:
  • Total Download: 8884
  • Total Read: 8515

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  • Auteur: Massimo Listri
  • ISBN: 9781864701524
  • Date de sortie: 2005
  • Collection: Images Publishing
  • Total Download: 1313
  • Total Read: 4991

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This beautifully illustrated book takes the reader behind the high walls of the history-rich architecture of Marrakech's exotic houses showing richly decorated interiors, colors, fabric s and lighting from a city which draws on both African and Middle Eastern cultures.


  • Auteur: Mia Bloom
  • ISBN: 0812208102
  • Date de sortie: 2012-08-13
  • Collection: University of Pennsylvania Press
  • Total Download: 5079
  • Total Read: 7260

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Between 1985 and 2008, female suicide bombers committed more than 230 attacks—about a quarter of all such acts. Women have become the ideal stealth weapon for terrorist groups. They are less likely to be suspected or searched and as a result have been used to strike at the heart of coalition troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. This alarming tactic has been highly effective, garnering extra media attention and helping to recruit more numbers to the terrorists' cause. Yet, as Mia Bloom explains in Bombshell: Women and Terrorism, female involvement in terrorism is not confined to suicide bombing and not limited to the Middle East. From Northern Ireland to Sri Lanka, women have been engaged in all manner of terrorist activities, from generating propaganda to blowing up targets. What drives women to participate in terrorist activities? Bloom—a scholar of both international studies and women's studies—blends scrupulous research with psychological insight to unearth affecting stories from women who were formerly terrorists. She moves beyond gender stereotypes to examine the conditions that really influence female violence, arguing that while women terrorists can be just as bloodthirsty as their male counterparts, their motivations tend to be more intricate and multilayered. Through compelling case studies she demonstrates that though some of these women volunteer as martyrs, many more have been coerced by physical threats or other means of social control. As evidenced by the March 2011 release of Al Qaeda's magazine Al Shamikha, dubbed the jihadi Cosmo, it is clear that women are the future of even the most conservative terrorist organizations. Bombshell is a groundbreaking book that reveals the inner workings of a shocking, unfamiliar world.
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