The Algerian Destiny of Albert Camus

  • Auteur: Aïcha Kassoul
  • ISBN: 1930901585
  • Date de sortie: 2006
  • Collection: Academica Press,LLC
  • Total Download: 7599
  • Total Read: 9154

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First full length study in English by Algerian scholars of Albert Camus and his conflicted relationship in life, literature and drama with his Algerian homeland.

Jinn Eviction as a Discourse of Power

  • Auteur: Muḥammad Maʻrūf
  • ISBN: 900416099X
  • Date de sortie: 2007
  • Collection: BRILL
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  • Total Read: 4891

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This book is much more than an analysis of the schema of domination and submission as it is played out in the social drama of jinn eviction. It is also a source of information on the history and mythology of a saintly lineage, on the day to day running of a pilgrimage centre, on popular Islam, and on traditional conceptions of jinn possession.

In the Eye of the Storm

  • Auteur: Sharon G. Feldman
  • ISBN: 0838757227
  • Date de sortie: 2009
  • Collection: Bucknell University Press
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"Barcelona, the cultural epicenter of Catalunya, is presently experiencing the most dynamic and polemical period in its modern theater history. It is the commanding hub of an energetic theater scene that in recent years has witnessed an exuberant outpouring of new dramatists, a steady crescendo in theater attendance, and a continual increase in the international presence of Catalan directors, playwrights, and companies. Barcelona's post-Olympian cultural landscape, moreover, comprises several architecturally striking theater projects. The diversity of opportunities to stage plays in Catalan at an assortment of city spaces is unprecedented, ranging in variety from commercial locales to publicly funded stages to experimental "alternative" venues. Since its origins in the nineteenth century, modem Catalan drama has frequently exhibited a cosmopolitan and even transnational impulse, engaging in an artistic dialogue with international theater traditions of both past and present and forging its identity vis-a-vis its intercultural associations. The path along which the contemporary Catalan theater scene has struggled to recover and reconstitute the professional legitimacy and visibility that it lost during the Franco dictatorship has been a complex process, never lacking in melodramatic excess, witnessed both on and off the stage. The Barcelona stage, throughout its contemporary evolution, has been immersed in a stormy climate, whose relentlessly frenetic atmospheric activity at times may impede one from acquiring the distance necessary to see beyond the hurricane." --Book Jacket.

Translation and Music

  • Auteur: Sebnem Susam-Sarajeva
  • ISBN: 113496756X
  • Date de sortie: 2016-04-08
  • Collection: Routledge
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Popular and multimodal forms of cultural products are becoming increasingly visible within translation studies research. Interest in translation and music, however, has so far been relatively limited, mainly because translation of musical material has been considered somewhat outside the limits of translation studies, as traditionally conceived. Difficulties associated with issues such as the 'musicality' of lyrics, the fuzzy boundaries between translation, adaptation and rewriting, and the pervasiveness of covert or unacknowledged translations of musical elements in a variety of settings have generally limited the research in this area to overt and canonized translations such as those done for the opera. Yet the intersection of translation and music can be a fascinating field to explore, and one which can enrich our understanding of what translation is and how it relates to other forms of expression. This special issue is an attempt to open up the field of translation and music to a wider audience within translation studies, and to an extent, within musicology and cultural studies. The volume includes contributions from a wide range of musical genres and languages: from those that investigate translation and code-switching in North African rap and rai, and the intertextual and intersemiotic translations revolving around Mahler's lieder in Chinese, to the appropriation and after-life of Kurdish folk songs in Turkish, and the emergence of rock'n roll in Russian. Other papers examine the reception of Anglo-American stage musicals and musical films in Italy and Spain, the concept of 'singability' with examples from Scandinavian languages, and the French dubbing of musical episodes of TV series. The volume also offers an annotated bibliography on opera translation and a general bibliography on translation and music.

Remembering French Algeria

  • Auteur: Amy L. Hubbell
  • ISBN: 0803269889
  • Date de sortie: 2015-06-01
  • Collection: U of Nebraska Press
  • Total Download: 7245
  • Total Read: 3792

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Colonized by the French in 1830, Algeria was an important French settler colony that, unlike its neighbors, endured a lengthy and brutal war for independence from 1954 to 1962. The nearly one million Pieds-Noirs (literally “black-feet”) were former French citizens of Algeria who suffered a traumatic departure from their homes and discrimination upon arrival in France. In response, the once heterogeneous group unified as a community as it struggled to maintain an identity and keep the memory of colonial Algeria alive. Remembering French Algeria examines the written and visual re-creation of Algeria by the former French citizens of Algeria from 1962 to the present. By detailing the preservation and transmission of memory prompted by this traumatic experience, Amy L. Hubbell demonstrates how colonial identity is encountered, reworked, and sustained in Pied-Noir literature and film, with the device of repetition functioning in these literary and visual texts to create a unified and nostalgic version of the past. At the same time, however, the Pieds-Noirs’ compulsion to return compromises these efforts. Taking Albert Camus’s Le Mythe de Sisyphe and his subsequent essays on ruins as a metaphor for Pied-Noir identity, this book studies autobiographical accounts by Marie Cardinal, Jacques Derrida, H�l�ne Cixous, and Le�la Sebbar, as well as lesser-known Algerian-born French citizens, to analyze movement as a destabilizing and productive approach to the past.

Derrida and Hospitality Theory and Practice

  • Auteur: Judith Still
  • ISBN: 0748644504
  • Date de sortie: 2010-11-26
  • Collection: Edinburgh University Press
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Winner of the R. H. Gapper Book Prize 2011. Judith Still sets Derrida's work in a series of contexts including the socio-political history of France, especially in relation to Algeria, and his relationship to other writers, most importantly Helene Cixous, Luce Irigaray and Emmanuel Levinas - key thinkers of hospitality. Still also follows the thread of sexual difference in Derrida's writing in order to shed light on his exploration of the complex and delicate, strange yet familiar, political and ethical dilemmas of how to be those impossible things, a good host and a good guest.Hospitality is critically important in Derrida's writings, and his insights in this have been influential across a range of disciplines from geography, politics and sociology to literary studies and philosophy. It functions as a way of both thinking about relations between individuals, and analysing the community or state's often inhospitable reception of outsiders, such as refugees or migrants.

Tales of Inhumanity and Retribution

  • Auteur: Ian Tremblay
  • ISBN: 1438925689
  • Date de sortie: 2008-06-16
  • Collection: AuthorHouse
  • Total Download: 4073
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TALES OF INHUMANITY AND RETRIBUTION "Tales of Inhumanity and Retribution," is a literary adventure of compelling scope. First of a series the book contains four long stories or novellas. It is raw storytelling at its best, bullet fast and moving, each story a haunting and unforgettable journey. Aicha Sayuno the young and beautiful girl who is the main character of "AICHA" shows incredible strength and resilience when confronted with the savagery and harshness of the world she was born into, a world where the sexual exploitation of the young and vulnerable is not only a reality, but an everyday occurrence. In "JOE VAGAN," the half crazy and psychotic main character leads us on his murky trail into the world of the transients and the homeless. Joe was another man once, living a happy life with his wife and seven year old daughter Eve. Then, something destroyed that and Joe became a vagabond, a vagabond on a mission. Amy, the feisty main character of "BREEDERS" is a combative young girl who is caught up in a heartbreaking story of kidnapping and unimaginable abuse. Living in fear and confinement with her fellow captives, she desperately seeks with her soul mate William a way to escape from captivity and put and end to their horrendous ordeal. Walter Sardonsky and Elizabeth Morriati are a most unusual pair of IRS employees in "THE MOLE," a story of twisted souls, corruption and sex, where betrayal and secret lives, collide with the main characters' unorthodox definition of loyalty and love.
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