The volt the ohm and the ampere

  • Auteur: Francis Eugene Nipher
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  • Date de sortie: 1888
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Electrodynamics from Amp re to Einstein

  • Auteur: Olivier Darrigol
  • ISBN: 9780198505938
  • Date de sortie: 2003-06-26
  • Collection: Oxford University Press
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Three quarters of a century elapsed between Ampere's definition of electrodynamics and Einstein's reform of the concepts of space and time. The two events occurred in utterly different worlds: the French Academy of Sciences of the 1820s seems very remote from the Bern Patent Office of the early 1900s, and the forces between two electric currents quite foreign to the optical synchronization of clocks. Yet Ampere's electrodynamics and Einstein's relativity are firmly connected through a historical chain involving German extensions of Ampere's work, competition with British field conceptions, Dutch synthesis, and fin de siecle criticism of the aether-matter connection. Olivier Darrigol retraces this intriguing evolution, with a physicist's attention to conceptual and instrumental developments, and with a historian's awareness of their cultural and material embeddings. This book exploits a wide range of sources, and incorporates the many important insights of other scholars. Thorough accounts are given of crucial episodes such as Faraday's redefinition of charge and current, the genesis of Maxwell's field equations, and Hertz's experiments on fast electric oscillations. Thus there emerges a vivid picture of the intellectual and instrumental variety of nineteenth-century physics. The most influential investigators worked at the crossroads between different disciplines and traditions: they did not separate theory from experiment, they frequently drew on competing traditions, and their scientific interests extended beyond physics into chemistry, mathematics, physiology, and other areas. By bringing out these important features, this book offers a tightly connected and yet sharply contrasted view of early electrodynamics. Olivier Darrigol is a Research Director at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris. His research focuses on the history of quantum theory and of electrodynamics.

Amp re

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  • Date de sortie: 2008
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Which is the true face of Ampère? A Jansenist Christian, philosopher and scientist: all these characters are rolled into the figure of a romantic hero with a fascinating approach ...

Andr Marie Amp re

  • Auteur: James R. Hofmann
  • ISBN: 9780521562201
  • Date de sortie: 1996-04-11
  • Collection: Cambridge University Press
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In this authoritative biography, James Hofmann examines the extraordinary life of André-Marie Ampère, who made original, significant contributions to mathematics and chemistry and is renowned for his new branch of physics - electrodynamics. A member of the Académie des Sciences, and professor at the École Polytechnique, his accomplishments are remarkable in view of his tragic personal life. One of the elite of early nineteenth-century Parisian science, yet having no formal education, he embraced the scientific optimism of the Enlightenment, and the Catholic faith. This combination of intellectual expectation and emotional spirituality made Ampère's genius both destructive and extraordinarily creative. This, the only biography available in the English language, illuminates the scientific contributions of an individual and his epoch, and provides a fascinating insight into the workings of the scientific mind.

Nonlinear Analysis on Manifolds Monge Amp re Equations

  • Auteur: T. Aubin
  • ISBN: 1461257344
  • Date de sortie: 2012-12-06
  • Collection: Springer Science & Business Media
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This volume is intended to allow mathematicians and physicists, especially analysts, to learn about nonlinear problems which arise in Riemannian Geometry. Analysis on Riemannian manifolds is a field currently undergoing great development. More and more, analysis proves to be a very powerful means for solving geometrical problems. Conversely, geometry may help us to solve certain problems in analysis. There are several reasons why the topic is difficult and interesting. It is very large and almost unexplored. On the other hand, geometric problems often lead to limiting cases of known problems in analysis, sometimes there is even more than one approach, and the already existing theoretical studies are inadequate to solve them. Each problem has its own particular difficulties. Nevertheless there exist some standard methods which are useful and which we must know to apply them. One should not forget that our problems are motivated by geometry, and that a geometrical argument may simplify the problem under investigation. Examples of this kind are still too rare. This work is neither a systematic study of a mathematical field nor the presentation of a lot of theoretical knowledge. On the contrary, I do my best to limit the text to the essential knowledge. I define as few concepts as possible and give only basic theorems which are useful for our topic. But I hope that the reader will find this sufficient to solve other geometrical problems by analysis.

The Monge Amp re Equation

  • Auteur: Cristian E. Gutierrez
  • ISBN: 9780817641771
  • Date de sortie: 2001-05-11
  • Collection: Springer Science & Business Media
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The Monge-Ampère equation has attracted considerable interest in recent years because of its important role in several areas of applied mathematics. Monge-Ampère type equations have applications in the areas of differential geometry, the calculus of variations, and several optimization problems, such as the Monge-Kantorovitch mass transfer problem. This book stresses the geometric aspects of this beautiful theory, using techniques from harmonic analysis – covering lemmas and set decompositions.

Michael Vey 3

  • Auteur: Richard Paul Evans
  • ISBN: 1442475137
  • Date de sortie: 2013-09-17
  • Collection: Simon and Schuster
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The hair-raising action continues for Michael Vey in this charged third installment of the #1 New York Times bestselling series. Michael, Taylor, Ostin and the rest of the Electroclan have destroyed the largest of the Elgen Starxource plants, but now they’re scattered across the Amazon jungle. The Elgen have joined forces with the Peruvian army to capture the Electroclan, and only Michael has managed to remain free. With his friends due to stand trial for terrorism—a charge that may carry the death penalty—Michael will need all his wits and his abilities if he’s to save them. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Dr. Hatch and his loyal Electric Children have seized control of the E.S. Ampere—the super yacht the Elgen use as their headquarters. With the Elgen fleet now under his control, Hatch heads back to Peru to pick up his army and then begin his quest for global domination. Michael will have to free his friends then find a way to stop Hatch, but the organization behind the mysterious voice that has guided him to this point has been compromised. Hatch knows Michael and the Electroclan are coming. And he’s ready for them. Can the Electroclan win the battle of the Ampere? Or has Michael’s luck finally run out?
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