Backup Recovery

  • Auteur: W. Curtis Preston
  • ISBN: 9780596555047
  • Date de sortie: 2007-01-03
  • Collection: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
  • Total Download: 4182
  • Total Read: 7139

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Packed with practical, freely available backup and recovery solutions for Unix, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X systems -- as well as various databases -- this new guide is a complete overhaul of Unix Backup & Recovery by the same author, now revised and expanded with over 75% new material. Backup & Recovery starts with a complete overview of backup philosophy and design, including the basic backup utilities of tar, dump, cpio, ntbackup, ditto, and rsync. It then explains several open source backup products that automate backups using those utilities, including AMANDA, Bacula, BackupPC, rdiff-backup, and rsnapshot. Backup & Recovery then explains how to perform bare metal recovery of AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, VMWare, & Windows systems using freely-available utilities. The book also provides overviews of the current state of the commercial backup software and hardware market, including overviews of CDP, Data De-duplication, D2D2T, and VTL technology. Finally, it covers how to automate the backups of DB2, Exchange, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL-Server, and Sybase databases - without purchasing a commercial backup product to do so. For environments of all sizes and budgets, this unique book shows you how to ensure data protection without resorting to expensive commercial solutions. You will soon learn to: Automate the backup of popular databases without a commercial utility Perform bare metal recovery of any popular open systems platform, including your PC or laptop Utilize valuable but often unknown open source backup products Understand the state of commercial backup software, including explanations of CDP and data de-duplication software Access the current state of backup hardware, including Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs)

Growing Yourself Back Up

  • Auteur: John Lee
  • ISBN: 0307434222
  • Date de sortie: 2010-02-10
  • Collection: Harmony
  • Total Download: 4166
  • Total Read: 5391

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Someone pushes your buttons . . . you feel rage . . . fear . . . sweaty palms . . . unbidden tears . . . you feel like a kid . . . We've all experienced moments when we lose control of a situation and ourselves. Now, in Growing Yourself Back Up, the first book to explain the idea of emotional regression to the general reader, bestselling author John Lee identifies the circumstances that cause these seemingly uncontrollable feelings and shows how they are directly tied to our experience as children. No adult, explains Lee, need ever experience the helpless feelings of childhood again. Here are his proven methods and visualization exercises, developed in his popular workshops, for recognizing, preventing, and diffusing regression in ourselves and others. He teaches, for example, that adults cannot be abandoned, they can only be left; if we're feeling abandoned we're regressing. He also reminds us that no matter how overwhelmed we are, adults always have options; if we believe we don't, we're in a regression. Growing Yourself Back Up will show you how to: * develop strong emotional boundaries and convey them to others * learn the Detour Method that reverses regression * confront without regressing * communicate with the authority figures who push your buttons * minimize regression at family functions Lee offers hope--as well as practical strategies that work--for conquering those childlike feelings of powerlessness that are almost always rooted in regression. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Celtic Back Up

  • Auteur: Chris Smith
  • ISBN: 1610656199
  • Date de sortie: 2011-03-11
  • Collection: Mel Bay Publications
  • Total Download: 2445
  • Total Read: 8917

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This book teaches the most crucial function of a chord instrument in the Celtic seisún (session)- that of playing tasteful, interesting, imaginative, and supportive improvised accompaniment. Celtic Back-Up presents accurate and directly applicable information on the theory, conception, stylistic considerations, procedures, and resources for accompaniment. Every facet of seisún accompaniment is thoroughly explored. with this book you will come to understand why many of our Celtic authors are reluctant to suggest chord accompaniment with their melodies in the first place; the idea is to be open to fresh ideas and improvise the accompaniment as you go.

Jake Maddox Backup Goalie

  • Auteur: Jake Maddox
  • ISBN: 1434288471
  • Date de sortie:
  • Collection: Capstone
  • Total Download: 1455
  • Total Read: 4153

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Jamie thought everything was perfect on his hockey team. But when the goalie is injured, Jamie has to step in to play the unfamiliar position. With the state championship at stake, can Jamie help his team skate to victory or are they all on thin ice?

The Backup Book

  • Auteur: Dorian J. Cougias
  • ISBN: 9780972903905
  • Date de sortie: 2003-01-01
  • Collection: Network Frontiers
  • Total Download: 4999
  • Total Read: 9986

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Provides information on backup and recovery for workstations, databases, file servers, e-mail, and workgroups along with analysis of disaster recovery products, worksheets, and budgets to customize individual plans.

Enterprise Systems Backup and Recovery

  • Auteur: Preston de Guise
  • ISBN: 9781420076400
  • Date de sortie: 2008-10-01
  • Collection: CRC Press
  • Total Download: 4542
  • Total Read: 4778

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The success of information backup systems does not rest on IT administrators alone. Rather, a well-designed backup system comes about only when several key factors coalesce—business involvement, IT acceptance, best practice designs, enterprise software, and reliable hardware. Enterprise Systems Backup and Recovery: A Corporate Insurance Policy provides organizations with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and features involved in effective enterprise backups. Instead of focusing on any individual backup product, this book recommends corporate procedures and policies that need to be established for comprehensive data protection. It provides relevant information to any organization, regardless of which operating systems or applications are deployed, what backup system is in place, or what planning has been done for business continuity. It explains how backup must be included in every phase of system planning, development, operation, and maintenance. It also provides techniques for analyzing and improving current backup system performance. After reviewing the concepts in this book, organizations will be able to answer these questions with respect to their enterprise: What features and functionality should be expected in a backup environment? What terminology and concepts are unique to backup software, and what can be related to other areas? How can a backup system be monitored successfully? How can the performance of a backup system be improved? What features are just "window dressing" and should be ignored, as opposed to those features that are relevant? Backup and recovery systems touch on just about every system in an organization. Properly implemented, they can provide an enterprise with greater assurance that its information is safe. By utilizing the information in this book, organizations can take a greater step toward improving the security of their data and preventing the devastating loss of data and business revenue that can occur with poorly constructed or inefficient systems.

How to Back Up a Trailer

  • Auteur: Kurt Anderson
  • ISBN: 1440514992
  • Date de sortie: 2008-03-01
  • Collection: Adams Media
  • Total Download: 5040
  • Total Read: 4582

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Motor oil, beer, and charcoal-that's what real men are made of. A real man should be able to swap out the car's spark plugs and change its oil as his freshly caught fish smokes on open flame-all while shotgunning a beer. For how-to instructions on these and other equally manly activities, you need How to Back Up a Trailer. It's the ultimate guide to everything you better know how to do, like: Rotate your car's tires and change its brake pads; Swing a bat like a homerun hitter; Build and light a campfire during a rainstorm; Install an electrical outlet in your home; Tap a keg for the perfect beer flow. Read it. Learn it. Live it. With How to Back Up a Trailer, you'll never have to stop and ask for directions again.
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