• Auteur: International Monetary Fund. African Dept.
  • ISBN: 1475527012
  • Date de sortie: 2016-08-17
  • Collection: International Monetary Fund
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Chad: Selected Issues

Fine Waters

  • Auteur: Michael Mascha
  • ISBN: 9781594741197
  • Date de sortie: 2006
  • Collection: Quirk Books
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Water is indeed everywhere, especially bottled water. In North America it is a billion-dollar industry.Fine Waters is a guide through the complicated world of high-end bottled waters, from learning the "FineWaters Balance"--the sophisticated scale that defines the differences between various bottled waters--to matching water and food, selecting appropriate stemware, and even bottled water etiquette. The book provides 100 of the world's most popular brands.

Cadogan Guides Rhone Alpes

  • Auteur: Philippe Barbour
  • ISBN: 9781860113574
  • Date de sortie: 2007
  • Collection: New Holland Publishers
  • Total Download: 8601
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From the spectacular mountain scenery of the Alps to the tranquil beauty of the Rhone Valley, Cadogan’s guide brings the best out of your trip to this stunning part of France. Chapters on the history, art and architecture of the region provide a compelling framework to the breathtaking countryside. Travel into the Rhone Valley and explore the towns of Beaujolais, Lyon and Montelimar or discover the best places to ski and snowboard in the special winter sports section. Now fully redesigned, this new edition contains the most up-to-the-minute travel and practical information, discerning listings, stunning color photographs and useful maps.

Kill Me

  • Auteur: Stephen White
  • ISBN: 1405515473
  • Date de sortie: 2012-03-01
  • Collection: Hachette UK
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He's a rich, anonymous white guy. When he's not making money in the boardrooms of multi-national pharmaceutical companies, he's at one of his palatial homes with his wife and daughter or he's deep cave diving in Belize. He enjoys power as well as money, and in all matters - business, pleasure, sex - he's happiest on dangerous ground. He only has one fear: the fear of being dependent on others. But money can buy the means to circumvent this indignity, and he buys into an organisation - dubbed 'Death's Angels' - who guarantee to kill him if he ever reaches that point. Certain of the parameters he's set, life goes on a normal. But it isn't long before his past and his genes catch up with him, and he wants to change those parameters. Nobody told him that things weren't going to be as easy as that. Because Death's Angels never back out of a bargain . . .

Groupe Danone

  • Auteur: Livres Groupe
  • ISBN: 9781159487119
  • Date de sortie: 2010-07
  • Collection:
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The best bottled waters in the world

  • Auteur: Maureen Green
  • ISBN: 9780671611729
  • Date de sortie: 1985-01-01
  • Collection: Touchstone
  • Total Download: 6122
  • Total Read: 7295

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Take Me to the Source

  • Auteur: Rupert Wright
  • ISBN: 1409077802
  • Date de sortie: 2009-05-27
  • Collection: Random House
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Colourless, tasteless, odourless, ageless: water is both the simplest thing on earth and the most complex. We cannot live without it yet it kills six thousand children a day. It is the ultimate renewable resource but we pollute it without thinking twice. Why, if water is so valuable does nobody want to pay for it unless it comes in a designer bottle? Is it really the oil of the twenty-first century? Will we all soon be fighting over it, or can it lead countries into co-operation rather than conflict? In this enthralling voyage of discovery, Rupert Wright sets out to discover exactly what water is and why it plays such an important role in history, culture, art and literature. Part reportage and part personal journey, Take Me to the Source is the fascinating story of the substance that makes life on earth possible.
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