• Auteur: David V. Herlihy
  • ISBN: 9780300104189
  • Date de sortie: 2004
  • Collection: Yale University Press
  • Total Download: 4850
  • Total Read: 2624

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The nineteenth century's "mechanical horse" offered an exciting new world of transportation for all and ushered in an era of changes that resonates to the present day, changes cataloged and described in a fascinating history of an engineering marvel.

By Bicycle

  • Auteur: Cassie Mayer
  • ISBN: 9781403483911
  • Date de sortie: 2006
  • Collection: Heinemann-Raintree Library
  • Total Download: 3088
  • Total Read: 6604

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Explains how bicycles work, and describes how people use bicycles in daily life.

The Bicycle Towards a Global History

  • Auteur: P. Smethurst
  • ISBN: 1137499516
  • Date de sortie: 2015-05-22
  • Collection: Springer
  • Total Download: 9211
  • Total Read: 9164

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This is the first history of the bicycle to trace not only the technical background to its invention, but also to contrast its social and cultural impact in different parts of the world, and assess its future as a continuing global phenomenon.

The Bicycle Book

  • Auteur: Bella Bathurst
  • ISBN: 0007433611
  • Date de sortie: 2011-03-31
  • Collection: HarperCollins UK
  • Total Download: 5702
  • Total Read: 3830

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A rip-roaring narrative celebration of the 21st century’s great transport success story: the bicycle. Millions of us now cycle, some obsessively, and this glorious concoction of history, anecdote, adventure and lycra-clad pedalling is the perfect read for two-wheelers of all kinds.

The Girl and the Bicycle

  • Auteur: Mark Pett
  • ISBN: 1442483202
  • Date de sortie: 2014-04-29
  • Collection: Simon and Schuster
  • Total Download: 3276
  • Total Read: 3003

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From the creator of The Boy and the Airplane, a touching wordless picture book about a little girl, a shiny bicycle, and the meaning of persistence—with an unexpected payoff. A little girl sees a shiny new bicycle in the shop window. She hurries home to see if she has enough money in her piggy bank, but when she comes up short, she knocks on the doors of her neighbors, hoping to do their yardwork. They all turn her away except for a kindly old woman. The woman and the girl work through the seasons, side by side. They form a tender friendship. When the weather warms, the girl finally has enough money for the bicycle. She runs back to the store, but the bicycle is gone! What happens next shows the reward of hard work and the true meaning of generosity. Wordless, timeless, and classic, The Girl and the Bicycle carries a message of selflessness and sweet surprises and makes an ideal gift for graduations and other special occasions.

Messenger from Mystery

  • Auteur: Deno Trakas
  • ISBN: 1611177340
  • Date de sortie: 2017-01-31
  • Collection: Univ of South Carolina Press
  • Total Download: 6957
  • Total Read: 9251

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Deno Trakas’s novel Messenger from Mystery features English graduate student Jason “Jay” Nichols, a third-generation Greek American who claims to be named after the heroic Argonaut leader despite an introspective and self-absorbed nature. On the cusp of his transition into adulthood and from student to teacher, Jay still lives primarily in his own thoughts and studies. Having been an activist in college, he considers himself knowledgeable about local and global politics, but when the Iranian hostage crisis begins while he is teaching students from Iran, he realizes that his understanding of geopolitical conflict is naive and superficial. Jay becomes infatuated with one of his students, Azadeh “Azi” Ghotbzadeh, whose cousin is the foreign minister of Iran and wants to work with the United States to resolve the crisis, which makes Azi vulnerable to manipulation and other threats. Her family insists that she return to Iran at the end of the semester, but before she goes, she spends a week with Jay, and they fall in love. When Azi leaves, Jay is crushed. When Hamilton Jordan, one of President Jimmy Carter’s closest aides, learns that his college friend Jay has a close relationship with a woman with access to the inner circles of the Ayatollah, Jordan enlists Jay’s help. At first Jay is a simple intermediary, but when his mission goes terribly wrong and Azi is put in mortal peril, Jay finds himself in the unlikely and uncomfortable role of rescuer. Aided by a CIA operative and Jay’s literary hero, he travels to Iran to free Azi from her captors. Like the award-winning film Argo, Messenger from Mystery harks back to the difficult final years of the Carter administration and looks closely at the hostage crisis, which captured the attention of the world for 444 days, garnered its own news show, ensured the defeat of Carter and the victory of Reagan, and frayed any American confidence regained after Vietnam and Watergate. A story of love, politics, terrorism, and heroism, Messenger from Mystery mixes accurate, fascinating history with convincing, engaging imagination. Trakas’s novel depicts the human heart in conflict with itself as well as a subtle, thoughtfully rendered critique of U.S.–Middle East relations of the era, still relevant today.

Of Bicycles Bakelites and Bulbs

  • Auteur: Wiebe E. Bijker
  • ISBN: 9780262522274
  • Date de sortie: 1997
  • Collection: MIT Press
  • Total Download: 8174
  • Total Read: 2416

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The stories of the safety bicycle, the first truly synthetic plastic, and the fluorescent light bulb -each a fascinating case study in itself- reflect a cross-section of time periods, engineering and scientific disciplines, and economic, social, and political cultures. The bicycle story explores such issues as the role of changing gender relationships in shaping a technology; the Bakelite story examines the ways in which social factors intrude even in cases of seemingly pure chemistry and entrepreneurship; and the fluorescent bulb story offers insights into the ways in which political and economic relationships can affect the form of a technology.
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