Good Night Boston

  • Auteur: Adam Gamble
  • ISBN: 1602199000
  • Date de sortie: 2011-11-04
  • Collection: Good Night Books
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Come explore one of America’s most historic cities—and don’t forget to park the car at Harvard Yard! From Faneuil Hall to Fenway Park, young readers delight in recognizing their most cherished sites and landmarks including Old Ironsides, Boston Tea Party Ships, Swan Boats, Old North Church, Museum of Fine Arts, the Make Way for Ducklings statue, New England Aquarium, Museum of Science, and more.

The Boston Directory

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  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 1850
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The Book of Lists

  • Auteur: David Wallechinsky
  • ISBN: 0307366170
  • Date de sortie: 2012-11-13
  • Collection: Seal Books
  • Total Download: 7851
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A new edition of the classic bestseller from the original authors, with additional material specifically prepared for Canadian readers by long-time This Morning CBC producer, Ira Basen, and Jane Farrow, the author of Wanted Words. In 1977, a publishing sensation was born. The Book of Lists, the first and best compendium of facts weirder than fiction, was published. Filled with intriguing information and must-talk-about trivia it has spawned many imitators — but none as addictive or successful. For nearly three decades since, the editors have been researching curious facts, unusual statistics and the incredible stories behind them. Now the most entertaining and informative of these have been brought together in a long-awaited, thoroughly up-to-date new edition that is also the first Canadian edition. Ira Basen and Jane Farrow have augmented the existing lists with fascinating homegrown material, and compiled lists specifically of relevance to Canadian readers. So if you’ve always wanted to find out how porcupines really mate, how comedy can kill and — that most essential piece of knowledge — how long the longest recorded nose was, this is the book for you. With contributions from a variety of celebrities and experts including Margaret Atwood, Mike Myers, Michael Ondaatje, Dave Eggers, Phillip Pullman and Charlotte Gray, this anthology has something for everyone — and more than you ever suspected you wanted to know. A list of lists from The Book of Lists: 10 Notable Film Scenes Left on the Cutting Room Floor 10 Afflictions and Their Patron Saints 14 Nations with More Sheep Than People 5 Trips to the Canadian Wilderness That Ended in Disaster 10 Really Bad Canadian Sports Teams 14 Last Words of Famous Canadians Kurt Browning’s 9 Turning Points in Figure Skating History 7 Trial Verdicts That Caused Riots 12 Museums of Limited Appeal 10 Unusual Canadian Place Names That Start with a “B” 7 Well-Known Sayings Attributed to the Wrong Person 10 Celebrated People Who Read Their Own Obituaries Sloan's Jay Ferguson’s 10 Perfect Pop Songs 13 Possible Sites for the Garden of Eden 9 Canadian Sports Stars Who Became Politicians First Sexual Encounters of 13 Prominent Canadians From the Paperback edition.

Boston Weekly Magazine

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  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 1804
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Boston s Immigrants 1840 1925

  • Auteur: Michael Price
  • ISBN: 9780752409214
  • Date de sortie: 2000
  • Collection: Arcadia Publishing
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Boston is a city rich in the history of residents from all walks of life, every country and every ethnicity imaginable. From 1840 to 1925, Boston's diversity created a city with a thriving nexus of people who wove together a community that reflected their own unique heritage. In this lavishly illustrated book with over 200 thought-provoking and evocative photographs, Anthony Mitchell Sammarco and Michael Price have created an important book chronicling the determination, strength, and often manifold successes of immigrants who arrived in Boston.From the mid-nineteenth century when Boston's burgeoning population included one out of every three as being foreign born, the immigrants' arrival at the East Boston docks increased greatly between 1840 and 1925, where they were to pass into the New World, and a new life. In chapters that deal with the immigrants before their arrival, their first perceptions, to where they went, worked, and played, this book outlines the ancestors of many present-day Bostonians in the evolving process of Americanization.

The Boston Directory for the Year 1852

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  • Date de sortie: 1852
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  • Auteur: Kim Grant
  • ISBN: 9781740591065
  • Date de sortie: 2003
  • Collection: Lonely Planet
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Lonely Planet offers the best DIY tours to America's "walking city"--a truly local perspective on parks, pubs, festivals, classic bookstores and the best clam chowder. of color photos. 30 maps.
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