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Cross talk Between Recycling and Reserve Vesicle Pools in

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The Fly Neuromuscular Junction Structure and Function

  • Auteur: Vivian Budnik
  • ISBN: 0080469132
  • Date de sortie: 2006-11-02
  • Collection: Elsevier
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The Drosophila larval neuromuscular junction (NMJ) has become one of the most powerful model systems to ask key neurobiological questions. This synapse is unparalleled by its accessibility, its simplicity, and the ability to manipulate genes important for synapse development and function. Its synapses have properties shared by many organisms including humans. The vast majority of genes that when mutated cause congenital disorders of the nervous system in humans, are present in the fruit fly genome, and fly models of human disorders are available. Thus, this preparation is a powerful tool to understand the normal function of these genes. This book reviews outstanding work by recognized leaders in the fields of Drosophila cellular neurogenetics including developmental neurobiology, mechanisms of synaptic function, and experience dependent changes at synapses. The book also includes step-by-step protocols to study the cellular biology of the NMJ, making it a vital resource for researchers beginning their investigations with this system, for those who are training students and postdoctoral fellows in this area, or simply as a general reference material for neuroscientists and neuroscience professors in general. * Provides a synthesis of the main topics in modern neurogenetics * Includes step-by-step protocols for the use of the Drosophila NMJ system in neurobiology lab research * Offers genetic approaches to study synapse development and function *

Lexicography Lexicography metalexicography and reference science

  • Auteur: R. R. K. Hartmann
  • ISBN: 9780415253680
  • Date de sortie: 2003-01-01
  • Collection: Psychology Press
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Structural and Functional Organization of the Synapse

  • Auteur: Johannes W. Hell
  • ISBN: 0387772324
  • Date de sortie: 2008-06-25
  • Collection: Springer Science & Business Media
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This new Springer volume, which comes complete with a free DVD, is a comprehensive and detailed overview of the synapse with emphasis on the glutamatergic synapse. Most chapters relate the synapse’s functional aspects to its molecular mechanisms. This approach shows which mechanisms are characterized on both the functional and structural level and can thus be considered firmly established. It’s an important text for neuroscientists and disease-oriented clinicians in neurology.

Cellular and Molecular Procedures in Developmental Biology

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  • ISBN: 0080584594
  • Date de sortie: 1997-11-17
  • Collection: Academic Press
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This volume incorporates practical methods at the level of molecular, cellular, and whole organism biology in vertebrate and invertebrate models. It presents straightforward protocols written step-by-step for state-of-the-art techniques with the emphasis on single-cell resolution procedures. Provides straightforward, current protocols and critical appraisals Includes diverse analysis of cellular and molecular techniques Presents everything from whole-organ cultures to electrophysiological approaches Details a variety of methods for interfering with gene function in various species Offers multiple illusions of in situ hybridization, immunostaining, and apoptosis

Neural Synapse Research Trends

  • Auteur: Jerome A. Lassau
  • ISBN: 9781600215759
  • Date de sortie: 2007-01
  • Collection: Nova Publishers
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Chemical synapses are specialised junctions through which cells of the nervous system signal to one another and to non-neuronal cells such as muscles or glands. A chemical synapse between a motor neuron and a muscle cell is called a neuromuscular junction. This book presents the research trands in this field.
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