Public Law

  • Auteur: Andrew Le Sueur
  • ISBN: 0198735383
  • Date de sortie: 2016-05-12
  • Collection: Oxford University Press
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Public Law: Text, Cases, and Materials offers a fresh approach to the study of constitutional and administrative law by exploring how the law works in practice. The inclusion of extracts from key cases, government reports and academic articles demonstrates the law in action and the incisive commentary that accompanies them explains the significance of each. The expert authors have distilled their knowledge of the institutions and legal principles into concise, focused prose, and they encourage reflection through regular questions and hypothetical examples. This leading text provides students with a thorough and wide-ranging knowledge of public law, together will a full understanding of the theoretical and political debates in this fascinating and dynamic area of law. Online Resource Centre This book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre which provides a link to the authors' Twitter feed, web links to useful sites and, for lecturers, a test bank of multiple choice questions with answers and feedback.

The Artful Year

  • Auteur: Jean Van't Hul
  • ISBN: 9781611801491
  • Date de sortie: 2015-02-03
  • Collection: Roost Books
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Presents a year's worth of art projects, seasonal activities, and recipes for simple, family-friendly crafting through the seasons and holidays.

Droit civil 2e ann e

  • Auteur: Stéphanie Porchy-Simon
  • ISBN: 9782247160785
  • Date de sortie: 2016
  • Collection:
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La 4e de couverture indique : "De l'achat d'un billet de train à l'acquisition d'un bien immobilier, le droit des obligations est au coeur des préoccupations humaines : il régit l'ensemble des contrats que passent quotidiennement les sujets de droit. Ce manuel présente la théorie générale de l'obligation, c'est-à-dire ses sources (contrat, responsabilité, quasi-contrat), puis expose les règles communes structurant toutes les obligations (modalités, transmission et mode d'extinction). La présente édition, largement actualisée, prend en compte les dernières évolutions de la matière ; elle intègre notamment les très importantes modifications apportées par l'ordonnance du 10 février 2016 opérant réforme du droit des contrats, du régime général des obligations et de la preuve et mentionne les propositions issues de l'avant-projet de réforme de la responsabilité civile d'avril 2016. Destiné principalement aux étudiants de deuxième année de licence de droit, l'ouvrage se distingue par l'alliance d'un cours approfondi et d'importants compléments pédagogiques à la fin de chaque chapitre. Cet HyperCours est donc l'outil indispensable pour appréhender au mieux cette matière d'une grande richesse et en évolution permanente."

Handbook on the Economics of Sport

  • Auteur: Wladimir Andreff
  • ISBN: 1847204074
  • Date de sortie: 2006
  • Collection: Edward Elgar Publishing
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The editors should be commended for taking on such a big task, and succeeding so well. This book should be in the library of every institution where students have to write a paper that may be related to sport, or on the shelf of any lecturer teaching economics or public finance who has even a remote interest in sport. The material is very accessible, and useful in many different settings. Ruud H. Koning, Jahrbücher f. Nationalökonomie u. Statistik Edward Elgar s brilliant market niche is identifying a topic in economics, finding editors who know the area backwards and challenging them to assemble the best cross-section of relevant articles either already published or newly commissioned. Handbook on the Economics of Sport is Edward Elgar at its very best. If you love economics you ll find many fascinating insights here; if you love sport but know little economics then this book is mostly accessible and will teach you a lot; and if you are a sports-mad economist then you will be in hog heaven. Furthermore, if, like this reviewer, you are broadly very sceptical about the reports consultants produce for governments on the supposed economic windfall from hosting a big event or subsidising a stadium then you will get a lot of good counter-arguments in this volume. Indeed there are several chapters on the above theme that I m sure I ll be copying frequently to government officials in years to come. . . The demand for sport is a fascinating subject and it is hard to pick out just one chapter from the second section. Read them all they make a wonderful 65-page treat. . . Part VI was a real feast, a smorgasbord. . . This is a magnificent piece of work and the 36-page index rounds it all off splendidly. John Blundell, Economic Affairs The book covers the most important areas of research of an emerging economic sub-discipline spanning the past half a century. It serves admirably the purpose of an introduction into the rich and growing area of reflection for all concerned. . . the editors and authors of the Handbook have done a commendable job of accumulating sophisticated material for many economists, managers, politicians and self-conscious fans, who are sure to find excellent training ground for the whole heptathlon. . . This book will be invaluable for advanced students investigating professional sport. From the point of view of lawyers, particularly those engaged with the relationship between law and sports governance, the Handbook offers invaluable analysis of the economic issues that are alluded to in those debates but rarely examined in detail. . . These insights will also prove useful for policy analysts and sports administrators for whom many sections should be considered mandatory reading. Aleksander Sulejewicz, Journal of Contemporary European Research Over 800 pages on the economics of sport. What a feast! What a treat! The editors have done a wonderful job both in terms of breadth from David Beckham to child labour in Pakistan and depth, tournaments and luxury taxes for example. . . The 86 chapters are uniformly of a very high standard and illuminating. And there are real gems in some of the contributions. British Journal on the Economics of Sport This very interesting and comprehensive book achieves its objective, namely to present an overview of research in sports economics at an introductory level. . . [The editors] have produced an excellent reference book that belongs in all academic institutions libraries. It provides extensive introduction to the growing body of literature in the rising field of economics of sport. The book s relevant monographs should be read by institutions, cities and countries prior to their committing major resources towards sports facilities or a sporting event. James Angresano, Journal of Sports Economics One could think of this book as the sports-and-economics counterpart to Joy of Cooking, because it will satisfy the needs of those with a keen interest in such subjects as the

City of Bits

  • Auteur: William J. Mitchell
  • ISBN: 0262297175
  • Date de sortie: 1996
  • Collection: MIT Press
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Your Best Triathlon

  • Auteur: Joe Friel
  • ISBN: 9781934030622
  • Date de sortie: 2010
  • Collection: Velopress
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Explains the nuances of key workouts so athletes can make adjustments for different race distances or individual weaknesses and also provides the necessary background for adaptations that need to be made on a weekly and daily basis.

The History of the Saracens Comprising the Lives of Mohammed and His Successors to the Death of Abdalmelik the Eleventh Caliph with an Account of Their Most Remarkable Battles Sieges Revolts

  • Auteur: Simon Ockley
  • ISBN: 1446042820
  • Date de sortie: 2010-11
  • Collection: McCormick Press
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Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.
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