Manual of Patent Examining Procedure

  • Auteur: U. S. Department U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • ISBN: 9781500927578
  • Date de sortie: 2014-05-01
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Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (a.k.a. MPEP): Original 9th Edition (March 2014)(A work in 7 volumes)This Manual is published to provide U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent examiners, applicants, attorneys, agents, and representatives of applicants with a reference work on the practices and procedures relative to the prosecution of patent applications before the USPTO. It contains instructions to examiners, as well as other material in the nature of information and interpretation, and outlines the current procedures which the examiners are required or authorized to follow in appropriate cases in the normal examination of a patent application.Kentaro Sato (Editor)

The Far Southwest 1846 1912

  • Auteur: Howard Roberts Lamar
  • ISBN: 9780826322487
  • Date de sortie: 2000
  • Collection: UNM Press
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A history of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona from 1846 to 1912 analyzes the impact of two-party systems, trial by jury, free schools, and church-state relations on the region and its relationship with the nation.

Sweet Dreams Little One

  • Auteur: Massimo Gramellini
  • ISBN: 9781846883514
  • Date de sortie: 2015-01
  • Collection:
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It's early morning on New Year's Eve, and 9-year-old Massimo wakes up to a long, doleful cry and the disconcerting image of his dad being supported by two strangers. Inexplicably, his mother has disappeared, leaving only a vague trail of perfume in his room and her dressing gown bundled up at the foot of his bed. Where has she gone? Will she ever come back? And will Massimo be able to say sorry, after quarrelling with her the night before?

The Underground Railroad in Western Illinois

  • Auteur: Owen W. Muelder
  • ISBN: 9780786431410
  • Date de sortie: 2008-01
  • Collection: McFarland
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Fugitives fleeing from slavery in Kentucky, Missouri, and points farther south traversed the entire state of Illinois while moving northward. But they were most likely to receive help from Underground railroad operators if they passed through western Illinois, where a good number of Underground Railroad agents lived. This book briefly discusses the Underground Railroad throughout the United States and all of Illinois. It addresses at length the activities of Underground Railroad operators, both black and white, in western Illinois. The compelling efforts of these people have been surprisingly neglected; this book examines in detail their significant contributions to this heroic chapter in American history.

Critical Security Studies

  • Auteur: Columba Peoples
  • ISBN: 1135019509
  • Date de sortie: 2014-08-27
  • Collection: Routledge
  • Total Download: 8156
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Critical Security Studies introduces students to the sub-field through a detailed yet accessible survey of evolving approaches and key issues. This new edition contains two new chapters and has been fully revised and updated. Written in an accessible and clear manner, Critical Security Studies: offers a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to critical security studies locates critical security studies within the broader context of social and political theory evaluates fundamental theoretical positions within critical security studies in application to key issues. The book is divided into two main parts. The first part, ‘Approaches’, surveys the newly extended and contested theoretical terrain of critical security studies: Critical Theory, Feminism and gender theory, Postcolonialism, Poststructuralism and Securitization theory. The second part, ‘Issues’, then illustrates these various theoretical approaches against the backdrop of a diverse range of issues in contemporary security practices, from environmental, human and homeland security to border security, technology and warfare, and the War against Terrorism. This edition also includes new chapters on Constructivist theories (Part I) and health (Part II). The historical and geographical scope of the book is deliberately broad and readers are introduced to a number of key illustrative case studies. Each of the chapters in Part II concretely illustrate one or more of the approaches discussed in Part I, with clear internal referencing allowing the text to act as a holistic learning tool for students. This book is essential reading for upper-level students of Critical Security Studies, and an important resource for students of International/Global Security, Political Theory and International Relations.


  • Auteur: Erik Barnouw
  • ISBN: 9780195078985
  • Date de sortie: 1993
  • Collection: Oxford University Press, USA
  • Total Download: 7837
  • Total Read: 8854

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Presents a history of the documentary film.

The life of Samuel Johnson

  • Auteur: James Boswell
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 1820
  • Collection:
  • Total Download: 7270
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