• Auteur: Peter Padfield
  • ISBN: 9781909609389
  • Date de sortie: 2013-06-07
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Grand Admiral Karl Donitz was a major military commander in the Second World War. His name will always be associated with his attempt to cut Britain's supply lines with U-boats deployed in mass 'pack' attacks on convoys in the Atlantic. Research in the German naval archives has allowed Peter Padfield to describe the evolution of the strategy and the demands Donitz placed on his commanders and crews. Triumphant in the early war years, Allied countermeasures eventually turned the tables and the hunters became the hunted. Yet, as the life expectancy of U-boat men on operations fell to a matter of weeks Donitz continued to send out his young men to probable violent death. Just why is the theme of this book: far more than a study of war at sea, it is a portrait of a sensitive officer who proved his ability as a U-boat commander in the First World War and preserved an ice-cold leadership veneer, yet was personally insecure and a fantasist in need of a cause to serve. He found it in the person of Adolf Hitler. An early convert to Nazism - contrary to the non-political image of him constructed by his peers after the lost war - he followed the Fuhrer with blind fanaticism to the end. Rewarded by promotion to Commander-in-Chief of the German navy, finally Hitler appointed him his successor, and he became the last Fuhrer of the Third Reich. This is the story of a personal tragedy played out within the greater tragedy of a nation. 'Peter Padfield's compellingly readable book conveys a flavour of Nazi leadership unmatched by anything outside the memoirs of Albert Speer. It is difficult to frame higher praise.'

Capitulation 1945

  • Auteur: Marlis G. Steinert
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  • Date de sortie: 1969
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På grundlag af studier af bl.a. tilbageleverede tyske arkivalier beskriver forfatteren denne korte periode af Tysklands historie, hvor Dönitz havde "overtaget" magten. Værket er opdelt i følgende hovedafsnit: - Dönitz og personerne omkring ham - personalhistorie, - Dönitz-regeringens aktiviteter forud for og efter kapitulationen, - Periodens politiske idé-grundlag samt - Dönitz arrestation og regeringens opløsning.

Donitz U Boats Convoys

  • Auteur: Jak P. Mallmann Showell
  • ISBN: 1473830869
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The memoirs of Admiral Karl Dönitz, Ten Years and Twenty Days, are a fascinating first-hand account of the Battle of the Atlantic as seen from the headquarters of the U-boat fleet. Now, for the first time noted naval historian Jak P. Mallmann Showell has combined Dönitz's memoirs in a parallel text with the British Admiralty's secret Monthly Anti-Submarine Reports to produce a unique view of the U-boat war as it was perceived at the time by both sides.??The British Monthly Anti-Submarine Reports were classified documents issued only to senior officers hunting U-boats, and were supposed to have been returned to the Admiralty and destroyed at the end of the War, but by chance a set survived in the archives of the Royal Navy's Submarine Museum in Gosport, allowing the reader a hitherto unavailable insight into the British view of the Battle of the Atlantic as it was being fought.??Together with the author's commentary adding information that was either unknown or too secret to reveal at the time, this book gives possibly the most complete contemporary account of the desperate struggle in the North Atlantic in the Second World War.


  • Auteur: Karl Dönitz
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  • Date de sortie: 1976
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Hitler Donitz and the Baltic Sea

  • Auteur: David Grier
  • ISBN: 1612514138
  • Date de sortie: 2013-07-10
  • Collection: Naval Institute Press
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The popular conception of Hitler in the final years of World War II is that of a deranged Fuhrer stubbornly demanding the defense of every foot of ground on all fronts and ordering hopeless attacks with nonexistent divisions. To imply that Hitler had a rational plan to win the war flies in the face of widely accepted interpretations, but historian Howard D. Grier persuasively argues here that Hitler did possess a strategy to regain the initiative in 1944-45 and that the Baltic theater played the key role in his plan. In examining that strategy, Grier answers lingering questions about the Third Reich's final months and also provides evidence of its emphasis upon naval affairs and of Admiral Karl Donitz's influence in shaping Hitler's grand strategy. Donitz intended to starve Britain into submission and halt the shipment of American troops and supplies to Europe with a fleet of new Type XXI U-boats. But to test the new submarines and train their crews the Nazis needed control of the Baltic Sea and possession of its ports, and to launch their U-boat offensive they needed Norway, the only suitable location that remained after the loss of France in the summer of 1944. This work analyzes German naval strategy from 1944 to 1945 and its role in shaping the war on land in the Baltic. The first six chapters provide an operational history of warfare on the northern sector of the eastern front and give evidence of the navy s demands that the Baltic coast be protected in order to preserve U-boat training areas. The next three chapters look at possible reasons for Hitler's defense of the Baltic coast, concluding that the most likely reason was Hitler's belief in Donitz's ability to turn the tide of war with his new submarines. A final chapter discusses Donitz's personal and ideological relationship with Hitler, his influence in shaping overall strategy, and the reason Hitler selected the admiral as his successor rather than a general or Nazi Party official. With Grier's thorough examination of Hitler's strategic motives and the reasons behind his decision to defend coastal sectors in the Baltic late in the war, readers are offered an important new interpretation of events for their consideration.

40 Fragen an Karl D nitz

  • Auteur: Karl Dönitz
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  • Date de sortie: 1979
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