Faerie Wars

  • Auteur: Herbie Brennan
  • ISBN: 1408821060
  • Date de sortie: 2011-07-01
  • Collection: A&C Black
  • Total Download: 8236
  • Total Read: 2035

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Henry thinks he is simply saving a butterfly from being eaten by Mr Fogarty's cat - but he is in fact saving the life of a misdirected exiled fairy prince. A prince who has to get back to his own land in order to thwart a threatened attack by the Faeries of the Night. But time is against Pyrgus Malvae and soon he is relying on Henry and Mr Fogarty not just to get him home but also to solve the puzzle that surrounds his exile. A wonderful, gripping, page-turning read full of the kind of detail that will ensure that this fabulous fantastic novel will have readers young and old holding their breath as the story unfolds.

Faerie Lord

  • Auteur: Herbie Brennan
  • ISBN: 1408821036
  • Date de sortie: 2011-07-01
  • Collection: Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Total Download: 2289
  • Total Read: 6542

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Two years after leaving the Faerie Realm, Henry Atherton finds a middle-aged Pyrgus and his new wife, Nymph, in Mr Fogarty's garden. They explain that a terrible plague has taken hold of the Faerie Realm, causing faeries to age so rapidly that Pyrgus had to flee in order to save himself. Determined to help his friends, Henry returns to the Realm, hoping to find a cure and perhaps win his way back into the heart of Queen Holly Blue. But the plague isn't what it seems, and when the treacherous villains of the Faerie Realm are involved, anything is possible.

Draw Paint the Realm of Faerie

  • Auteur: Ed Org
  • ISBN: 1600613284
  • Date de sortie: 2009-10-05
  • Collection: IMPACT
  • Total Download: 2049
  • Total Read: 3473

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Takes you on an awe-inspiring journey into the realm of faerie and presents practical instructions on pencil and colour techniques to help you create beautiful faerie characters in striking surroundings.

For Faerie Queen and Country

  • Auteur: David Cook
  • ISBN: 9781560765912
  • Date de sortie: 1993
  • Collection: Wizards of the Coast
  • Total Download: 7471
  • Total Read: 5592

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This amazing blend of fantasy and reality contains special rules for surviving in the realm of Faerie. Packaged with the 32-page Core Rules for the Amazing Engine System. Experienced players and referees. Illustrated.

Mystic Faerie Tarot

  • Auteur: Barbara Moore
  • ISBN: 0738709212
  • Date de sortie: 2007
  • Collection: Llewellyn Worldwide
  • Total Download: 5631
  • Total Read: 6912

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A renowned artist captures the vibrancy and grace of faeries, elves, sprites, and nymphs in their lush gardens, offering beginners an introduction to the tarot and the major and minor arcana, with sample readings and a quick reference guide to the cards.

The Faerie Queene Book Two

  • Auteur: Edmund Spenser
  • ISBN: 1603844201
  • Date de sortie: 2006
  • Collection: Hackett Publishing
  • Total Download: 2406
  • Total Read: 5501

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Part of a series of Spenser's great work in five volumes. Each includes its own general introduction, annotation, note on the text, bibliography, glossary, and an index of characters; Spenser's Letter to Raleigh and a short Life of Spenser appear in every volume.

Wards of Faerie

  • Auteur: Terry Brooks
  • ISBN: 0345523490
  • Date de sortie: 2012-08-21
  • Collection: Del Rey
  • Total Download: 4310
  • Total Read: 7866

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Seven years after the conclusion of the High Druid of Shannara trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks at last revisits one of the most popular eras in the legendary epic fantasy series that has spellbound readers for more than three decades. Tumultuous times are upon the world now known as the Four Lands. Users of magic are in conflict with proponents of science. The dwindling Druid order is threatened with extinction. A sinister politician has used treachery and murder to rise as prime minister of the mighty Federation. Meanwhile, poring through a long-forgotten diary, the young Druid Aphenglow Elessedil has stumbled upon the secret account of an Elven girl’s heartbreak and the shocking truth about the vanished Elfstones, which once warded the lands and kept evil at bay. But never has a little knowledge been so very dangerous—as Aphenglow quickly learns when she’s set upon by assassins. Yet there can be no turning back from the road to which fate has steered her. Whoever captures the Elfstones and their untold powers will surely hold the advantage in the devastating clash to come. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from Terry Brooks's Bloodfire Quest. “I can’t even begin to count how many of Terry Brooks’s books I’ve read (and reread) over the years. From Shannara to Landover, his work was a huge part of my childhood.”—Patrick Rothfuss, New York Times bestselling author of The Name of the Wind “Shannara was one of my favorite fictional worlds growing up, and I look forward to many return trips.”—Karen Russell, New York Times bestselling author of Swamplandia! “If Tolkien is the grandfather of modern fantasy, Terry Brooks is its favorite uncle.”—Peter V. Brett, New York Times bestselling author of the Demon Cycle series
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