1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die

  • Auteur: Peter Boxall
  • ISBN: 9781743364529
  • Date de sortie: 2015-04-01
  • Collection: Pier 9
  • Total Download: 5570
  • Total Read: 9952

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Delve into the pages of this sumptuously illustrated book and take a tour of the greatest novels that the world has to offer. Read and enjoy.

Fantasy Fiction

  • Auteur: Lucie Armitt
  • ISBN: 9780826416858
  • Date de sortie: 2005-04-13
  • Collection: A&C Black
  • Total Download: 2240
  • Total Read: 2932

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This is a series of introductory books about different types of writing. One strand of the series will focus on genres such as Science Fiction, Horror, Romance, and Crime. The other strand will focus on movements or styles often associated with historical and cultural locations - Postcolonial, Native American, Scottish, Irish, American Gothic. These introductions all share the same nine-part structure: 1.A broad definition of the genre and its essential elements 2.A timeline of historical developments 3.Critical concerns to bear in mind while reading 4.Detailed readings of several key texts 5.In-depth analysis of major themes and issues 6.Signposts for further study 7.A summary of the most important criticism in the field 8.A glossary of terms 9.An annotated, critical reading list Writers covered in this book include: Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, George Orwell, J.R.R. Tolkien, Mary Shelley, J.K. Rowling, H.G. Wells, Thomas More, Jonathan Swift, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Yann Martel, Jeanette Winterson, and William Gibson.

Greek Fiction

  • Auteur: Richard Stoneman
  • ISBN: 9780415085076
  • Date de sortie: 1994
  • Collection: Psychology Press
  • Total Download: 2908
  • Total Read: 9644

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First published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Utopian and Science Fiction by Women

  • Auteur: Jane L. Donawerth
  • ISBN: 9780815626206
  • Date de sortie: 1994
  • Collection: Syracuse University Press
  • Total Download: 9306
  • Total Read: 1889

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  • Auteur: Steven Dietz
  • ISBN: 9780573632396
  • Date de sortie: 2005
  • Collection: Samuel French, Inc.
  • Total Download: 4385
  • Total Read: 7750

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Fictiona new play bySteven Dietz

Is History Fiction

  • Auteur: Ann Curthoys
  • ISBN: 1742240011
  • Date de sortie: 2010-04-01
  • Collection: UNSW Press
  • Total Download: 8220
  • Total Read: 3189

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The relationship between history and fiction has always been a controversial one. Can we ever know that a historical narrative is giving us a true account of what actually happened? Provocative and fascinating, this book is an original and insightful examination of the ways in which history is—and might be—written. It traces History’s doubleness and divided nature, beginning with its founding figures, Herodotus and Thucydides, right up to the key figures of historical reflection, such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Benedetto Croce, Walter Benjamin, Hannah Arendt, Michel Foucault and Hayden White. The authors explore the challenges posed by postmodernism to history and the literary conventions of most historical writing. In this second edition they bring their history of history up to the present in their study of the History Wars and new approaches to world history and environmental history.

Latin Fiction

  • Auteur: Heinz Hofmann
  • ISBN: 9780415147224
  • Date de sortie: 2004
  • Collection: Psychology Press
  • Total Download: 6261
  • Total Read: 7849

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Latin Fiction provides a chronological study of the Roman novel from the Classical period to the Middle Ages, exploring the development of the novel and the continuity of Latin culture. Essays by eminent and international contributors discuss texts including: * Petronius, Satyrica and Cena Trimalchionis * Apuleius, Metamorphose(The Golden Ass) and The Tale of Cupid and Psyche * The History of Apollonius of Tyre * The Trojan tales of Dares Phrygius and Dictys Cretensis * The Latin Alexander * Hagiographic fiction * Medieval interpretations of Cupid and Pysche, Apollonius of Tyre and the Alexander Romance. For any student or scholar of Latin fiction, or literary history, this will definitely be a book to add to your reading list.
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