Go Pro

  • Auteur: Eric Worre
  • ISBN: 9780988667938
  • Date de sortie: 2013-05-01
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  • Auteur: Bradford Schmidt
  • ISBN: 0133441032
  • Date de sortie: 2014-11-18
  • Collection: Peachpit Press
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WHERE INSPIRATION MEETS TECHNICAL CRAFT, this guide to professional filmmaking with a GoPro is packed with hundreds of beautiful photos and interactive links to videos created by professional athletes, filmmakers, and inspired GoPro users around the world. As the only book to cover the art and technique of advanced filmmaking by the team at GoPro, you’ll get a unique insider’s look at GoPro’s history, all the different camera modes and settings, standard and experimental mounts, shooting principles, and editing techniques. Compelling stories from users such as Kelly Slater, Shaun White, and Kevin Richardson offer a rare view into an incredible world of athleticism, artistic beauty, and storytelling. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker, top athlete or an aspiring enthusiast, you’ll get all the inspiration and instruction you need to capture and create your own engaging edits to share with the world. “This book is an invaluable window into Bradford and Brandon’s creative thinking and summarizes their years of experience. Hopefully it serves as a spark for you just as the authors have done for GoPro.” From the foreword by Nicholas Woodman, founder of GoPro

GoPro Cameras For Dummies

  • Auteur: John Carucci
  • ISBN: 1119285550
  • Date de sortie: 2016-12-21
  • Collection: John Wiley & Sons
  • Total Download: 6840
  • Total Read: 7084

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Shoot, edit, and share action-packed video with a GoPro The world moves fast—so if you want to capture it in real time, only a fast-moving camera will do. Enter the GoPro! This small but powerful camera is easy to hold, wear, or mount to capture video of all your high-speed adventures. Unfortunately, to the uninitiated, it can be a bit intimidating—but fear not! With the help of this revised edition of GoPro Cameras For Dummies, you'll acquire the skills needed to shoot high-quality video or photos, edit raw footage into a final masterpiece, and share your GoPro works of art with the world. Compared with traditional digital video devices, the GoPro is a superhero. Okay, so it can't scale high rises, but it can go virtually anywhere and produce thrilling new perspectives of an epic slalom down the slopes or awesomely scenic hike—and everything in between. When still photos simply won't do the trick, GoPro Cameras For Dummies shows you step by step how to use your GoPro camera to make movies, work with available light, create time-lapse sequences, and so much more. Meet the full line of GoPro cameras, including the HERO5, and find the one that's right for you Get help setting your GoPro to shoot better video Discover what you need (or don't need) to shoot in the water Find step-by-step guidance for capturing better sound Edit your work like a GoPro guru Packed with full-color photos and updated to cover the latest GoPro cameras and software, this fun and accessible guide is a gadget lover's dream.


  • Auteur: Jordan Hetrick
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 2016-01-21
  • Collection: Kaisanti Press
  • Total Download: 3441
  • Total Read: 7976

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FROM THE #1 AMAZON BEST SELLING AUTHOR ON GoPro CAMERAS. Specifically for the GoPro HERO SESSION, this is the perfect guide book for anyone who wants to learn how to use a GoPro HERO Session camera to capture unique videos and photos. Designed for an active lifestyle, travelers, snowboarders, bikers, hikers, kayakers, surfers, skiers, standup paddlers, boaters and more will find valuable knowledge with the lessons in this book. With more than 100+ color images, this book provides clear, step-by-step lessons to get you out there using your GoPro HERO Session camera to document your life and your adventures. This book covers everything you need to know about using your GoPro HERO 4 camera. The book teaches you: how to operate your camera; how to choose your settings; tips for the most useful GoPro mounts; vital photography/cinematography knowledge; simple photo, video and time lapse editing techniques and how to share your first edited video and photos. Through the SEVEN STEPS laid out in this book, you will understand your camera and learn how to use FREE software to finally do something with your results. This book is perfect for beginners, but also provides in depth knowledge that will be useful for intermediate camera users. Written specifically for the GoPro HERO Session camera, which was previously named the HERO4 Session.

My GoPro Hero Camera

  • Auteur: Jason R. Rich
  • ISBN: 0134190815
  • Date de sortie: 2015-04-08
  • Collection: Que Publishing
  • Total Download: 8348
  • Total Read: 3351

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Covers all models of GoPro HERO, HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO4...including the February 2015 camera software update. Step-by-step instructions with callouts to GoPro Hero camera photos and sample images that show you exactly what to do. Help when you run into problems or limitations with your GoPro Hero camera in specific shooting situations. Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your GoPro Hero camera when taking pictures or shooting HD video in a wide range of shooting situations. Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your GoPro Hero camera working just the way you want in order to shoot the absolute best photos and videos possible. Learn how to: • Set up your GoPro Hero camera and prepare for any type of shooting situation • Take awesome first- or third-person videos just about anywhere, including underwater or in low-light situations • Select and use the best camera housing, mount, and accessories to capture the perfect shots • Take detailed and vibrant high-resolution, digital images with your GoPro Hero camera • Shoot stunning HD video using your GoPro Hero camera • Record high-quality audio in conjunction with your videos • Choose the best resolution and camera settings for each shooting situation you encounter • Wirelessly transfer your digital content from your camera to your smartphone or tablet using the GoPro App • Transfer content from your camera to your computer to view, edit, enhance, archive, and share your content using photo editing software or the GoPro Studio video editing software • Learn strategies used by the pros to achieve your own professional results Register Your Book at www.quepublishing.com/register to access additional tasks, videos, and other helpful information.

GoPro Inventor Nick Woodman

  • Auteur: Matt Doeden
  • ISBN: 1467762814
  • Date de sortie: 2015-03-01
  • Collection: Lerner Publications
  • Total Download: 8187
  • Total Read: 7630

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In high school, Nick Woodman loved to surf, and he wanted to take videos of his best rides. But a waterproof, wearable video camera didn't exist--until he invented one. Learn how this hardcore surfer became a billionaire inventor.

Gopro Hero 4 Black

  • Auteur: Jacob Gleam
  • ISBN: 1506104649
  • Date de sortie: 2015-01-06
  • Collection: Conceptual Kings
  • Total Download: 7620
  • Total Read: 9320

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The GoPro brand of cameras are traditionally known as cameras that are used to capture extreme action video photography. They are compact, rugged and can be mounted to capture all possible moments from different angles. These cameras have several features that allow the user to capture continuous scenes efficiently in which you can choose which photos or videos you would like to accept or reject. Some moments are special and they should be captured in great quality and with ease. The GoPro cameras allows amateurs to capture the moments and have them looking professional. The content is captured in HD through a wide angle lens which gives the best quality available in the industry.The camera is designed to be user friendly in capturing the videos and photos and making it easy to share moments with friends.
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