• Auteur: Marilynne Robinson
  • ISBN: 0748113495
  • Date de sortie: 2009-05-07
  • Collection: Hachette UK
  • Total Download: 6767
  • Total Read: 5315

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Hundreds of thousands of readers were enthralled and delighted by the luminous, tender voice of John Ames in Gilead, Marilynne Robinson's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. Now comes HOME, a deeply affecting novel that takes place in the same period and same Iowa town of Gilead. This is Jack's story. Jack - prodigal son of the Boughton family, godson and namesake of John Ames, gone twenty years - has come home looking for refuge and to try to make peace with a past littered with trouble and pain. A bad boy from childhood, an alcoholic who cannot hold down a job, Jack is perpetually at odds with his surroundings and with his traditionalist father, though he remains Boughton's most beloved child. His sister Glory has also returned to Gilead, fleeing her own mistakes, to care for their dying father. Brilliant, loveable, wayward, Jack forges an intense new bond with Glory and engages painfully with his father and his father's old friend John Ames.

Home Book of Smoke cooking Meat Fish Game

  • Auteur: Jack Sleight
  • ISBN: 9780811721950
  • Date de sortie: 1982-07-01
  • Collection: Stackpole Books
  • Total Download: 9144
  • Total Read: 7975

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How to smoke a variety of foods, including turkey, cheese, sausage, fish, beef, nuts, wild game. A classic reference.

The Home Book

  • Auteur: Glen Martin
  • ISBN: 9780692691694
  • Date de sortie: 2016-05-01
  • Collection:
  • Total Download: 7329
  • Total Read: 2834

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Homeowner maintenance reference manual including 380 residential workmanship guidelines covering conditions and maintenance for topics including: floors and ceilings; roofs and gutters; foundations and basements; interior/exterior components; grounds; utility systems; and walls. Homeowner and builder maintenance responsibilities are stated along with the performance guideline and additional information for each topic. Green home construction is also covered.

The Healthy Home

  • Auteur: Dave Wentz
  • ISBN: 1593156553
  • Date de sortie: 2011
  • Collection: Vanguard
  • Total Download: 1105
  • Total Read: 2858

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A microbiologist and his CEO son take readers on a tour of a specific home for a look at the surprising health risks posed by the everyday products and behaviors of a modern family, in a book that offers practical solutions to these everyday dangers. 50,000 first printing.

Zero Waste Home

  • Auteur: Bea Johnson
  • ISBN: 1451697708
  • Date de sortie: 2013-04-09
  • Collection: Simon and Schuster
  • Total Download: 6729
  • Total Read: 4309

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Part inspirational story of Bea Johnson (the “Priestess of Waste-Free Living”) and how she transformed her family’s life for the better by reducing their waste to an astonishing one liter per year; part practical, step-by-step guide that gives readers tools and tips to diminish their footprint and simplify their lives. In Zero Waste Home, Bea Johnson shares the story of how she simplified her life by reducing her waste. Today, Bea, her husband, Scott, and their two young sons produce just one quart of garbage a year, and their overall quality of life has changed for the better: they now have more time together, they’ve cut their annual spending by a remarkable 40 percent, and they are healthier than they’ve ever been. This book shares essential how-to advice, secrets, and insights based on Bea’s experience. She demystifies the process of going Zero Waste with hundreds of easy tips for sustainable living that even the busiest people can integrate: from making your own mustard, to packing kids’ lunches without plastic, to canceling your junk mail, to enjoying the holidays without the guilt associated with overconsumption. Zero Waste Home is a stylish and relatable step-by-step guide that will give you the practical tools to help you improve your health, save money and time, and achieve a brighter future for your family—and the planet.

Patterns of Home

  • Auteur: Max Jacobson
  • ISBN: 1561585335
  • Date de sortie: 2002
  • Collection: Taunton Press
  • Total Download: 2886
  • Total Read: 6713

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Clearly written and profusely illustrated, this text brings the timeless lessons of residential design to homeowners who seek inspiration and direction. Insightful tours of 33 homes bring essential design concepts to life. 300 color photos. 50 illustrations.

Home Security

  • Auteur: Vivian Capel
  • ISBN: 9780750635462
  • Date de sortie: 1997
  • Collection: Newnes
  • Total Download: 3562
  • Total Read: 4956

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Every reason now exists to make homes more secure: the crime rate is increasing, insurance companies are insisting on adequate protection, and more householders are improving home security, so criminals are seeking out the easier jobs - one of which could be yours! This book provides practical, independent guidance. It shows how burglars work, and how to thwart them. In a jargon-free way, the selection and installation of alarm systems are described in this practical guide for home-owners.
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