Indra s Pearls

  • Auteur: David Mumford
  • ISBN: 9780521352536
  • Date de sortie: 2002-04-25
  • Collection: Cambridge University Press
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Highly illustrated realization of infinitely reflected images related to fractals, chaos and symmetry.


  • Auteur: Devdutt Pattanaik
  • ISBN: 9385990578
  • Date de sortie: 2016-10-28
  • Collection: Penguin UK
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Indra is the king of the gods, and yet, he is not worshipped with the Trimurti. Why is this? He is the god of luxury, who has a cow, a tree and a jewel which will fulfil all wishes, and he watches apsaras dance and gandharvas sing. But for all his pleasure and wealth–Indra does not have peace of mind. He is under constant attack from asuras, and in one story, he asks his most beautiful apsara to disturb the tapasya of the great Vishwamitra. Indra achieves success, becomes lazy, loses his kingdom, works hard to regain it, becomes lazy again–and the circle of life goes on. What is the meaning of this? Delve into the story of the god of the body, in this short, sweet read from Devlok.

Rebels City of Indra

  • Auteur: Kendall Jenner
  • ISBN: 1451694555
  • Date de sortie: 2016-11-15
  • Collection: Simon and Schuster
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Kendall and Kylie Jenner, stars on the hit reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, present their debut novel—a thrilling dystopian story about two super-powered girls who embark on a journey together. In a world of the far future, the great City of Indra has two faces: a beautiful paradise floating high in the sky, and a nightmare world of poverty carved beneath the surface of the Earth. Lex grew up in an orphanage deep in the dark. But even as a child, she instinctively rebelled against her fate—the time when she would be judged either useful to Society or forced to live among the mutations in Rock Bottom, the lowest level. When she is chosen to become an elite cadet of the Population Control Forces, only her fellow cadet Kane truly understands her longing for freedom. Unknown to her, one girl secretly shares her defiance. Livia Cosmo, the Orphan Airess, may live on a sky island surrounded by wealth and privilege, but she is just as restricted as Lex. Rigid discipline governs her every movement, as she learns the art of becoming a Proper Young Woman, the belle of the Emergence Ball, ready to be picked for “cohabitation” by the finest of the Proper Young Men. Her future is assured, until an intriguing encounter with a young man named Kane changes everything. For that is when Lex’s and Livia’s destinies collide…. Approached by an old enemy to help save Kane from mortal danger, Lex sacrifices her Special Ops career to find him in the Islands among the clouds. Her search, high above in the beautiful spires of the City of Indra, brings her instead to the airgirl Livia. Lex and Livia should have nothing in common, and yet they share a kindred yearning for escape from the strict rules that bind them...and a mystifying identical mark. Brought together by danger, they set out to find Kane, but what they discover is even stranger than either dreams.


  • Auteur: Indra Kagis McEwen
  • ISBN: 9780262633062
  • Date de sortie: 2003
  • Collection: MIT Press
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A historical study of Vitruvius's De architectura, showing that his purpose in writing "the whole body of architecture" was shaped by the imperial Roman project of world dominion.

Socrates Ancestor

  • Auteur: Indra Kagis McEwen
  • ISBN: 9780262631488
  • Date de sortie: 1993
  • Collection: MIT Press
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Socrates' Ancestor is a rich and poetic exploration of architectural beginnings and the dawn of Western philosophy in preclassical Greece. Architecture precedes philosophy, McEwen argues, and it was here, in the archaic Greek polis, that Western architecture became the cradle of Western thought. McEwen's appreciation of the early Greek understanding of the indissolubility of craft and community yields new insight into such issues as orthogonal planning and the appearance of the encompassing colonnade - the ptera or "wings" - that made Greek temples Greek.Who was Socrates' ancestor? Socrates claims it was Daedalus, the mythical first architect. Socrates' ancestors were also the first Western philosophers: the preSocratic thinkers of archaic Greece where the Greek city-state with its monumental temples first came to light. McEwen brilliantly draws out the connections between Daedalus and the earliest Greek thinkers, between architecture and the advent of speculative thought. She argues that Greek thought and Greek architecture share a common ground in the amazing fabrications of the legendary Daedalus: statues so animated with divine life that they had to be bound in chains, the Labyrinth where Theseus slew the Minotaur, Ariadne's dancing floor in Knossos.Socrates' Ancestor is an exploration as remarkable for its clarity as for its avoidance of reductionism. Drawing as much on the power of myth and metaphor as on philosophical, philological, and historical considerations, McEwen first reaches backward: from Socrates to the earliest written record of Western philosophy in the Anaximander B1 fragment, and its physical expression in Anaximander's built work - a "cosmic model" that consisted of a celestial sphere, a map of the world, and the first Greek sun clock. From daedalean artifacts she draws out the centrality of early Greek craftsmanship and its role in the making of the Greek city-state. The investigation then moves James forward to a discussion of the polis and the first great peripteral temples that anchored for the meaning of "city."Indra Kagis McEwen teaches architecture at the National Theatre School of Canada and at I'Université duQuébec à Montréal.

Guardians of the Directions

  • Auteur: Books Llc
  • ISBN: 9781156488409
  • Date de sortie: 2010-09
  • Collection: Books LLC, Wiki Series
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 28. Chapters: Lokapala, Lokapalas, Varuna, Indra, Agni, Yama, Kubera, Nir ti, Shesha, Vayu, Brahma, Vai rava a, Four Heavenly Kings, Ishana, Dh tar ra, Kumbhanda, Vir haka. Excerpt: (Devanagari: ) or is the King of the demi-gods or Devas and Lord of Heaven or Svargaloka in Hindu mythology. He is also the God of War, Storms, and Rainfall. Indra is one of the chief deities in the Rigveda. He is celebrated as a demiurge who pushes up the sky, releases dawn (Ushas) from the Vala cave, and slays V tra; both latter actions are central to the Soma sacrifice. On the other hand, he also commits (like Zeus) many kinds of mischief (kilbi a) for which he is sometimes punished. He has many epithets, notably the bull, and, slayer of V tra and maghavan "the bountiful'. Indra appears as the name of an arch-demon in the Zoroastrian religion, while his epithet Verethragna appears as a god of victory. In Puranic mythology, Indra is bestowed with a heroic and almost brash and amorous character at times, even as his reputation and role diminished in later Hinduism with the rise of the Trimurti. In Buddhist tradition, Indra is also called (Pali: Sakka). He is known in Burmese as, pronounced; in Thai as Phra Inn, in Malay as Indera, in Tamil as Intiran, in Chinese as D sh ti n, and in Japanese as Taishakuten. Aspects of Indra as a deity are cognate to other Indo-European gods; they are either thunder gods such as Thor, Perun, and Zeus, or gods of intoxicating drinks such as Dionysos. The name of Indra (Indara) is also mentioned among the gods of the Mitanni, a Hurrian speaking people who ruled northern Syria from ca.1500BC-1300BC. Janda (1998:221) suggests that the Proto-Indo-European (or Graeco-Aryan) predecessor of Indra had the epithet *trigw-welumos "smasher of the enclosure" (of Vritra, Vala) and diye-sn tyos "impeller of stre...

Enjoy Nepalese cuisine

  • Auteur: Indra Majupuria
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  • Date de sortie: 199?
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