• Auteur: Amanda Sun
  • ISBN: 037321071X
  • Date de sortie: 2013-06-25
  • Collection: Harlequin
  • Total Download: 8887
  • Total Read: 3521

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Moving to Japan in the aftermath of a family tragedy, Katie develops feelings for kendo team star Tomohiro while observing how strange things happen with pens, ink, and drawings whenever they are near to one another.

The Pen Ink Book

  • Auteur: Joseph Anthony Smith
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 1992
  • Collection:
  • Total Download: 5031
  • Total Read: 8252

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Guides artists through the variety of inks and ink-related materials available, and demonstrates the diverse techniques that these materials make possible

Ink from a Circus Press Agent

  • Auteur: Charles H. Day
  • ISBN: 0809513021
  • Date de sortie: 1995
  • Collection: Wildside Press LLC
  • Total Download: 1544
  • Total Read: 7136

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One of the most colorful breed of men in 19th-century circusdom was the press agent, whose duty was to act as "an umpire between the show and the newspapers," and promote his company's greatness in order to generate public interest in advance of the performances. Charles H. Day, one of the leading "puffers" of his time, was particularly active between 1872-87, but unlike many of his colleagues, was also published widely in the entertainment newspapers and magazines. William L. Slout has collected together the best of Day's colorful and evocative essays of 19th-century circus life, and has also added a helpful Circus Personnel Reference Roster, notes, and detailed index.

Fire and Ink

  • Auteur: Frances Payne Adler
  • ISBN: 9780816527939
  • Date de sortie: 2009
  • Collection: University of Arizona Press
  • Total Download: 9229
  • Total Read: 6060

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Fire and Ink is a powerful and impassioned anthology of stories, poems, interviews, and essays that confront some of the most pressing social issues of our day. Designed to inspire and inform, this collection embodies the concepts of Òbreaking silence,Ó Òbearing witness,Ó resistance, and resilience. Beyond students and teachers, the book will appeal to all readers with a commitment to social justice. Fire and Ink brings together, for the first time in one volume, politically engaged writing by poets, fiction writers, and essayists. Including many of our finest writersÑMart’n Espada, Adrienne Rich, June Jordan, Patricia Smith, Gloria Anzaldœa, Sharon Olds, Arundhati Roy, Sonia Sanchez, Carolyn Forche, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Alice Walker, Linda Hogan, Gary Soto, Kim Blaeser, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Li-Young Lee, and Jimmy Santiago Baca, among othersÑthis is an indispensable collection. This groundbreaking anthology marks the emergence of social action writing as a distinct field within creative writing and literature. Featuring never-before-published pieces, as well as reprinted material, Fire and Ink is divided into ten sections focused on significant social issues, including identity, sexuality and gender, the environment, social justice, work, war, and peace. The pieces can often be gripping, such as ÒFrame,Ó in which Adrienne Rich confronts government and police brutality, or Chris AbaniÕs ÒOde to Joy,Ó which documents great courage in the face of mortal danger. Fire and Ink serves as a wonderful reader for a wide range of courses, from composition and rhetoric classes to courses in ethnic studies, gender studies, American studies, and even political science, by facing a past that was often accompanied by injustice and suffering. But beyond that, this collection teaches us that we all have the power to create a more equitable and just future. Ê

Creating Textures in Pen Ink with Watercolor

  • Auteur: Claudia Nice
  • ISBN: 9781581807257
  • Date de sortie: 2005-01-29
  • Collection: North Light Books
  • Total Download: 6788
  • Total Read: 6754

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Shows how to use fine lines, brushstrokes, dots, and a mixture of techniques and mediums to create such textures as ocean waves, wood grain, animal hair, driftwood, and glass.

Sketching Your Favorite Subjects in Pen Ink

  • Auteur: Claudia Nice
  • ISBN: 9781581804331
  • Date de sortie: 2002-11-15
  • Collection: North Light Books
  • Total Download: 7373
  • Total Read: 2818

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Presents a collection of sketches, along with tips and tricks for creating a sketch of your own personal style.

Rituals in Ink

  • Auteur: Alessandro Barchiesi
  • ISBN: 9783515085267
  • Date de sortie: 2004
  • Collection: Franz Steiner Verlag
  • Total Download: 6288
  • Total Read: 4889

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In order to reconstruct ancient rituals we must rely on ancient texts. That is the premise of these eight papers which are taken from a conference held at Stanford University in 2002 which brought together scholars of Roman religion and scholars of Roman literature to debate the `textuality of ritual'. The papers are followed by six brief essays which discuss the themes of the and consider the problems of retrieving ritual from texts written by such complex authors as Virgil, Ovid and Livy. The essays themselves focus on: the theme of sacrificial ritual in Roman poetry; religious communication in Rome; professional poets and the 2nd-century BC temple of Hercules of the muses; Livy; the Aeneid ; Ovid's use of hymns in the Metamorphoses ; Ovid's depiction of a triumph in Tristia ; the secret name of Rome. The numerous extracts are presented in Latin verse and English prose translation.
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