• Auteur: Dave Hammond
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 2008
  • Collection: London League Publications
  • Total Download: 6319
  • Total Read: 9697

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Karate Fighting Techniques

  • Auteur: 金澤弘和
  • ISBN: 9784770028723
  • Date de sortie: 2004
  • Collection: Kodansha International
  • Total Download: 7141
  • Total Read: 1145

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This title teaches all the various kumite techniques, and presents a systematic approach to applied kumite that is designed to provide essential information for match-style kumite and tournament kumite. Hirokazu Kanazawa is the renowned karate master in the world today, and a close disciple of Gichin Funakoshi, the father of modern karate and founder of the Shotokan School. Having earned his impressive reputation in Hawaii, the mainland United States, and Europe as an official trainer for the Japan Karate Association, Kanazawa founded Shotokan Karate-do International

Mastering Judo

  • Auteur: Masao Takahashi
  • ISBN: 9780736050999
  • Date de sortie: 2005
  • Collection: Human Kinetics
  • Total Download: 1285
  • Total Read: 8272

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Authored by the Takahashi family, who combine more than 200 years of experience teaching, coaching, and competing in judo, this book provides an in-depth description of judo history, culture, philosophy, techniques, tactics, training, and competition. 200 photos.

Mas Oyama s Classic Karate

  • Auteur: Mas Oyama
  • ISBN: 9781402712876
  • Date de sortie: 2004
  • Collection: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
  • Total Download: 3460
  • Total Read: 1705

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It’s a classic, with over 750,000 copies sold! The world’s greatest karate master, and the founder of modern day karate, Mas Oyama, reveals his philosophy and technique for practicing one of the world’s greatest martial arts. With more than 1,300 photos that break down each movement and exercise, the Master describes every important aspect of karate. It all begins with the basic elements and leads up through set combinations, sparring, and even Tameshiwari, the art of breaking wood and other materials with your fist. From hand to foot, there’s a technique to build strength, control, precision, and agility. Try various fists, handswords, foot and upper body work, preparations for the roundhouse block, 16 different stances, numerous defensive moves, and Katas—karate’s set and leveled combinations that must be practiced to perfection. Everything the budding black belt needs is right here.

The Judo Textbook in Practical Application

  • Auteur: Hayward Nishioka
  • ISBN: 9780897500630
  • Date de sortie: 1979
  • Collection: Black Belt Communications
  • Total Download: 8619
  • Total Read: 3759

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Details virtually everything the judoka needs to know—from the art’s throws, chokes and grappling techniques to the mental preparation it takes to be a champion. Originally published in 1979, this seminal work is still considered one of the best and most comprehensive books written on the subject of judo, and it continues to provide readers with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the “gentle way.”

The Judo Handbook

  • Auteur: Roy Inman
  • ISBN: 9781404213937
  • Date de sortie: 2008-01-01
  • Collection: The Rosen Publishing Group
  • Total Download: 8212
  • Total Read: 7497

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Explains the history, steps, and training of judo.

Black Belt

  • Auteur:
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 1995-01
  • Collection:
  • Total Download: 7014
  • Total Read: 3587

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The oldest and most respected martial arts title in the industry, this popular monthly magazine addresses the needs of martial artists of all levels by providing them with information about every style of self-defense in the world - including techniques and strategies. In addition, Black Belt produces and markets over 75 martial arts-oriented books and videos including many about the works of Bruce Lee, the best-known marital arts figure in the world.
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