Living L Arche

  • Auteur: Kevin Scott Reimer
  • ISBN: 1847064353
  • Date de sortie: 2009
  • Collection: A&C Black
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Explores the origins and characteristics of compassionate love in those who care for the disabled.

The Heart of L Arche

  • Auteur: Jean Vanier
  • ISBN: 0281069921
  • Date de sortie: 2013-01-17
  • Collection: SPCK
  • Total Download: 7187
  • Total Read: 8592

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The Heart of L'Arche describes the spirituality of the ecumenical and interfaith international federation founded by Jean Vanier in 1964, in France. The book has been in demand since it was first published 1995, and this updated edition was revised by Vanier himself. Now in his mid-eighties, he looks back on almost 50 years of the spirituality of L'Arche. Readers will discover the spirit that keeps Vanier's dream alive and thriving in a world where people with disabilities are often ignored or seen as a burden on society. With simplicity and conviction, the author shows how a life shared with people who have intellectual disabilities calls us to selflessness and risk. The vulnerability that is so much a part of their lives reveals our own limits and forces us to ask questions that can lead to profound liberation.

L arche

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  • Date de sortie: 1996
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A Blessed Weakness

  • Auteur: Michael Downey
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 1986
  • Collection: San Francisco : Harper & Row
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My Home in L Arche

  • Auteur: Geoff Rigby
  • ISBN: 0992479703
  • Date de sortie: 2014-12-01
  • Collection: Hunter Friends of L'Arche Inc
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Fifty years ago, L’Arche was born in a small French town called Trosly when Jean Vanier invited two men with intellectual disabilities living in a Mental Institution to come and live with him. One hundred and forty three L’Arche Communities now exist in over forty countries. Sharing stories has become an essential feature of life within L’Arche Communities and forms the basis for developing lasting mutual relationships, not only between core members, assistants and other members of a Community home, but also within the broader L’Arche Community. Within our L’Arche Communities in Australia we have developed a Remembering, Celebrating and Dreaming process that encourages core members and companions from within the Community to spend time together getting to know each other, dreaming about plans for the future and celebrating lives together. Often a core member may not have been afforded an opportunity to share some aspects of their lives or to talk about issues that worry them or what they would like to do to make their lives comfortable. Spending time, listening and sharing stories helps to facilitate this process and provides an opportunity to share some of these memories and dreams with the broader Community, families and friends. One of the key parts of the L’Arche Mission is to make known the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities and all too often we find that it is not only with those directly involved with core members that these gifts become apparent and have a profound influence, but with all who come in contact with them. Most of the time, the stories that arise from these relationships are not shared outside the L’Arche Communities. The importance of sharing stories emanates from our history. Universally as L’Arche welcomed more people into Community we discovered that there was little or no attention paid to the lives and events of core members. Many people had lived significant experiences and they needed these listened to and acknowledged as part of who they are and their personal history. The primary objective of this book is to share some of these stories from people with and without intellectual disabilities who have been involved in some way within L’Arche Communities. Living together and sharing as a Community as well as being part of the broader L’Arche Australia and International Federation Family involves participation in many activities that involve day to day commitments and organisational demands. All of these are part of the L’Arche Australia story and we have tried to include snippets of information that highlight some of the background of L’Arche together with features from day to day Community life and operation of the various Communities. We hope you enjoy these stories and gain a little understanding of the heart of L’Arche.

L arche de Babylone

  • Auteur: Lawrence Anthony
  • ISBN: 2917952024
  • Date de sortie: 2010-05-01
  • Collection: Edition les 3 génies
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Tous les amoureux des animaux et de l'aventure ne pourront qu'être conquis par le récit captivant et véridique du sauvetage du zoo de Bagdad, au milieu du chaos et de l'incertitude d'une ville en guerre. Refusant que les lions, ours et autres pensionnaires du zoo de Bagdad soient les victimes des guerres humaines, Lawrence Anthony s'est engagé dans une mission qui l'amène, entre chars Abrahams et tirs de soldats, à faire travailler ensemble irakiens et américains au nom du respect et de l'amour des animaux. C'est avec bonheur que l'on découvre comment furent sauvés de la boucherie les derniers purs sangs arabes de Saddam et avec jubilation que l'on prend part à la traversée de Bagdad en guerre par des autruches, un dromadaire et des ours, sous le regard amusé de la population et des soldats. Entre émotion et sourire, ce livre est un joli témoignage d'amour pour les animaux et d'espoir pour l'humanité.

Martine l arche de No

  • Auteur: Marcel Marlier
  • ISBN: 2203071850
  • Date de sortie: 2012-11-22T00:00:00+01:00
  • Collection: Casterman Jeunesse
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Martine se prépare à passer le week-end dans un parc naturel en compagnie de son amie ornithologue. Elles pourront à loisir observer les oiseaux, pensent-elles. Mais la nuit, éclate un violent orage. Les arbres sont arrachés. Le parc est dévasté et le lendemain, ce sont de bien curieux oiseaux qu’elles vont découvrir. Que font là, incrédules, ces lions, ces ours, ces singes et ces girafes !? En signant ce 53e album, Marcel Marlier confirme une fois de plus son immense talent de conteur et d'illustrateur : magie des images, expressivité des personnages, quotidien identifié mais toujours...
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