Livres hebdo

  • Auteur:
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 1982
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  • Total Download: 8268
  • Total Read: 3803

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Black Skin White Masks

  • Auteur: Frantz Fanon
  • ISBN: 9780745300351
  • Date de sortie: 1967
  • Collection: Pluto Press
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  • Total Read: 4980

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Fanon, born in Martinique and educated in France, is generally regarded as the leading anti-colonial thinker of the 20th century. His first book is an analysis of the impact of colonial subjugation on the black psyche. It is a very personal account of Fanon's experience being black: as a man, an intellectual, and a party to a French education.--Adapted from

The Girl on Paper

  • Auteur: Guillaume Musso
  • ISBN: 9781908313058
  • Date de sortie: 2011
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  • Total Download: 6321
  • Total Read: 4247

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What happens when fantasy is the only thing that seems real? Just a few months ago, Tom Boyd was a multi-million-selling author living in LA, in love with a world-famous pianist. But after a very public break-up he's shut himself away, suffering from total writer's block, with only drink and drugs for company.

Tintin in the Land of the Soviets

  • Auteur: Herge
  • ISBN: 9781405266512
  • Date de sortie: 2012-09-01
  • Collection: Egmont Books (UK)
  • Total Download: 3676
  • Total Read: 2351

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The world’s most famous travelling reporter heads for Russia. Accompanied by his dog Snowy, Tintin leaves Brussels to go undercover in Soviet Russia. His attempts to research his story are put to the test by the Bolsheviks and Moscow’s secret police . . . Join the most iconic character in comics as he embarks on an extraordinary adventure spanning historical and political events, and thrilling mysteries. Still selling over 100,000 copies every year in the UK and having been adapted for the silver screen by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson in 2011. The Adventures of Tintin continue to charm more than 80 years after they first found their way into publication. Since then an estimated 230 million copies have been sold, proving that comic books have the same power to entertain children and adults in the 21st century as they did in the early 20th. Tintin in the Land of the Soviets remains the only adventure not to have had its artwork coloured.

Always Dakota

  • Auteur: Debbie Macomber
  • ISBN: 1459294173
  • Date de sortie: 2016-07-01
  • Collection: MIRA
  • Total Download: 6170
  • Total Read: 8350

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Buffalo Valley, North Dakota. A few years ago, this was a dying town. Now it's come back to life! People are feeling good about living here again—the way they used to. They're feeling confident about the future. Stalled lives are moving forward. People like Margaret Clemens are taking risks on new ventures and on lifelong dreams. On happiness. Margaret is a local rancher who's finally getting what she wants most. Marriage to cowboy Matt Eilers. Her friends don't think Matt's such a bargain; neither did her father. But Margaret is aware of Matt's reputation and his flaws. She wants him anyway. And she wants his baby…

Return to Killybegs

  • Auteur: Sorj Chalandon
  • ISBN: 9781843513209
  • Date de sortie: 2013
  • Collection: Lilliput PressLtd
  • Total Download: 7531
  • Total Read: 8546

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Tyrone Meehan, damned as an informer, ekes out his days in Donegal, awaiting his killers.


  • Auteur: Anna Godbersen
  • ISBN: 9780061985584
  • Date de sortie: 2009-10-06
  • Collection: Harper Collins
  • Total Download: 4274
  • Total Read: 5638

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Jealous whispers. Old rivalries. New betrayals. Two months after Elizabeth Holland's dramatic homecoming, Manhattan eagerly awaits her return to the pinnacle of society. When Elizabeth refuses to rejoin her sister Diana's side, however, those watching New York's favorite family begin to suspect that all is not as it seems behind the stately doors of No. 17 Gramercy Park South. Farther uptown, Henry and Penelope Schoonmaker are the city's most celebrated couple. But despite the glittering diamond ring on Penelope's finger, the newlyweds share little more than scorn for each other. And while the newspapers call Penelope's social-climbing best friend, Carolina Broad, an heiress, her fortune—and her fame—are anything but secure, especially now that one of society's darlings is slipping tales to the eager press. In this next thrilling installment of Anna Godbersen's bestselling Luxe series, Manhattan's most envied residents appear to have everything they desire: Wealth. Beauty. Happiness. But sometimes the most practiced smiles hide the most scandalous secrets. . . .
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