• Auteur: Nick Sturley
  • ISBN: 141201350X
  • Date de sortie: 2003
  • Collection: Trafford Publishing
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A transgression against the natural rights of Deaf people to use and develop sign language - the infamous Milan 1880 Revolution - has created a turbulent legacy which exerts its influence to this day. There would never again be another Milan 1880. Or, so we thought... As the story begins, an unknown force calling itself MILAN inexplicably transforms the entire British Deaf people into hearing people, and sign language is reduced to near extinction. Two of the Deaf survivors, JOHN McCALVIN and his ladyfriend, DAWN WINTERS, soon find themselves in fear of Milan's three hunters, led by the notorious female villain, REDLIPS. Dawn is captured by the hunters whilst John and the mysterious RICHARD COX, who has a 'personal issue' with Redlips, conspire to search for, and retrieve the Talisman of Signs, sought also by Milan. John discovers that he is "The One" to use the Talisman's power to destroy Milan before it achieves world domination with the destruction of Deaf people, sign language and also a mystical place which exists in closely-guarded secret. The battle to save them is on... MILAN is an exciting and sprawling Deaf fantasy epic, written out of an alarming and key chapter of Deaf history. It has been written in a Deaf-friendly way that is accessible to everyone, Deaf or hearing, and of most ages. A VISUAL GLOSSARY is included to illlustrate key characters, architectural features and plan views. For more information please visit:

Art and Authority in Renaissance Milan

  • Auteur: Evelyn S. Welch
  • ISBN: 9780300063516
  • Date de sortie: 1995
  • Collection: Yale University Press
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Milan was one of the largest and most important cities in Renaissance Italy. Controlled by the Visconti and Sforza dynasties from 1277 until 1500, its rulers were generous patrons of the arts, responsible for commissioning major monuments throughout the city and for supporting artists such as Giovanni di Balduccio, Filarete, Bramante and Leonardo da Vinci. But the city was much more than its dukes. Milan had a distinct civic identity, one that was expressed, above all, through its neighbourhood, religious and charitable associations. This book moves beyond standard interpretations of ducal patronage to explore the often overlooked city itself, showing how the allegiances of the town hall and the parish related to those of the servants and aristocrats who frequented the Visconti and Sforza court. In this original and stimulating interdisciplinary study, Evelyn Welch illustrates the ways in which the myths of Visconti and Sforza supremacy were created. Newly discovered material for major projects such as the cathedral, hospital and castle of Milan permits a greater understanding of the political, economic and architectural forces that shaped these extraordinary buildings. The book also explores the wider social networks of the artists themselves. Leonardo da Vinci, for example, is de-mythologised: far from being an isolated, highly prized court artist, he spent his almost eighteen years in the city working within the wider Milanese community of painters, sculptors, goldsmiths and embroiderers. The broad perspective of the book ensures that any future study of the Renaissance will have to re-evaluate the place of Milan in Italian cultural history.

Ambrose of Milan

  • Auteur: Ambroise ((saint ;)
  • ISBN: 9780853238294
  • Date de sortie: 2005-01-01
  • Collection: Liverpool University Press
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The episcopate of Ambrose of Milan (374-97) is pivotal to understanding the developing relationship between the Christian Church and the Roman Empire in late antiquity. As bishop of Milan, Ambrose came into frequent contact with the highest levels of the imperial administration, including the emperors Gratian, Valentinian II, and Theodosius I themselves. He also exerted a degree of leadership in doctrinal matters over the bishops of northern Italy and adjacent regions. Any consideration of Ambrose’s career must begin with his own writings. This volume presents some of his most important works: the tenth book of his collection of letters; the letters that are preserved outside his published collection (Epistulae extra collectionem); and his funeral speeches for Valentinian II and Theodosius I. They document not only his influence over the bishops of neighbouring cities, but also his celebrated conflicts with the imperial court over the altar of Victory at Rome, the imperial siege of churches in Milan, the affair of the synagogue at Callinicum, and the massacre of civilians at Thessalonica. In these texts Ambrose sets forth his views about his rights as bishop to govern his church without imperial interference, and to condemn any emperor whose actions were deemed to be sinful. This volume will be of value to students and scholars of the history of the Church and the Roman Empire in late antiquity, and to anyone interested in the passage from pagan antiquity to the Christian Middle Ages.

Fascism Architecture and the Claiming of Modern Milan 1922 1943

  • Auteur: Lucy M. Maulsby
  • ISBN: 144264625X
  • Date de sortie: 2014
  • Collection: University of Toronto Press
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Fascism, Architecture, and the Claiming of Modern Milan, 1922-1943 chronicles the dramatic architectural and urban transformation of Milan during the nearly twenty years of fascist rule. The commercial and financial centre of Italy and the birthplace of fascism, Milan played a central role in constructing fascism's national image and identity as it advanced from a revolutionary movement to an established state power. Using a wide range of archival sources, Lucy M. Maulsby analyses the public buildings, from the relatively modest party headquarters to the grandiose Palace of Justice and the Palazzo del Popolo d'Italia, through which Mussolini intended to enhance the city's image and solidify fascism's presence in Milan. Maulsby establishes the extent to which Milan's economic structure, social composition, and cultural orientation affected Il Duce's plans for the city, demonstrating the influences on urban development that were beyond the control of the fascist regime. By placing Milan's urban change in its historic context, this book expands our understanding of the relationship between fascism and the modern city.

Spanish Milan

  • Auteur: Stefano D'Amico
  • ISBN: 1137003820
  • Date de sortie: 2012-10-16
  • Collection: Palgrave Macmillan
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As one of the main European economic, political and religious centers throughout the late medieval and Renaissance period, Milan is the focus of this much-needed work on one of the crown jewels of the Spanish Empire. This study reworks the traditional narrative depicting Spanish rule as the primary factor of decadence in seventeenth-century Italy: in reality the Spanish monarchy provided new opportunities for wealth and prosperity to Milan and its elites. The city took advantage of its new important strategic and financial functions within the Spanish empire and used its extended network to maintain a primary economic and political role in Europe.

A Hedonist s Guide to Milan

  • Auteur: Fleur Britten
  • ISBN: 0954787889
  • Date de sortie: 2005
  • Collection: A Hedonist's guide to...
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Italy's fashion and party capital, Hg2 Milan explores the world-class shopping in the quadrilatero d'oro, the sophisticated aperitivo scene, the endless chic fashion/friendly famiglia restaurants and the hi-energy clubs.

A Tragedy of the Great Plague of Milan in 1630

  • Auteur: Robert Fletcher
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 1898
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