The Book of Miso

  • Auteur: William Shurtleff
  • ISBN: 9780394734323
  • Date de sortie: 1976
  • Collection: Soyinfo Center
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  • Total Read: 8003

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Miso Tasty

  • Auteur: Bonnie Chung
  • ISBN: 1911216538
  • Date de sortie: 2016-08-08
  • Collection: Pavilion Books
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Miso is fast becoming a vital ingredient for the health-conscious foodie. The fermented soybean paste, which originates from Japan, is prized for its rich, complex umami flavour alongside its health-giving properties. Despite being used by the Japanese for hundreds of years, miso has been experiencing a new found popularity as top chefs, cooks and food writers champion miso as an essential yet exciting everyday ingredient. In Miso Tasty: The Cookbook Bonnie Chung, founder of the UK’s only dedicated miso brand and a self-taught miso expert, explores the great versatility of this exciting paste, and demonstrates the depth that it can bring to everyday cooking. Her book shares 60 recipes on how to enjoy this ingredient in both Japanese and non-Japanese dishes. The recipes are a mix of well-loved classics and new discoveries: swirl it into a hot stock for miso soup, mix it with a drop of olive oil and a spoon of mustard for a deeply satisfying salad dressing, or baste it on to steaks for a quick but deeply flavoured barbecue marinade. The book will also include simple cooking tips on how to make the most of miso, an in-depth exploration of the many different types of miso and even how to make your own miso at home. Miso is full of possibilities – as diets become more focused on being wholesome and nutritious, this ancient soybean paste is fast becoming a vital ingredient in every cook’s kitchen.

The Miso Book

  • Auteur: John Belleme
  • ISBN: 9780757000287
  • Date de sortie: 2004
  • Collection: Square One Publishers, Inc.
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In Japan, the preparation of miso has been considered an art form for centuries. Through a unique double-fermentation process, soybeans and grains are transformed into this wondrous food. As a food, miso can be used in a wide variety of savory and satisfying dishes. As a folk remedy, it has been used to treat poor digestion, cancer, radiation sickness, tobacco poisoning, and even low libido--and its healing properties have been confirmed by modern science. The Miso Book begins with miso basics--the different types, the various manufacturing methods, and miso's role in maintaining good health. Also presented are directions for making miso at home. The recipe section provides information on the cooking and blending qualities of different types of miso, on which types of miso work best with various foods, and on how to use different misos as dairy and meat substitutes, plus over 100 recipes.--From publisher description.


  • Auteur: Suzanne Dionne
  • ISBN: 9780968978115
  • Date de sortie: 2001
  • Collection: North Hatley, QC : Les Aliments Massawippi Incorporated
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  • Total Read: 7935

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History of Miso Soybean Jiang China Jang Korea and Tauco Indonesia 200 BC 2009

  • Auteur:
  • ISBN: 1928914225
  • Date de sortie: 2009
  • Collection: Soyinfo Center
  • Total Download: 8348
  • Total Read: 5735

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Vegetarian Times

  • Auteur:
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 1986-04
  • Collection:
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To do what no other magazine does: Deliver simple, delicious food, plus expert health and lifestyle information, that's exclusively vegetarian but wrapped in a fresh, stylish mainstream package that's inviting to all. Because while vegetarians are a great, vital, passionate niche, their healthy way of eating and the earth-friendly values it inspires appeals to an increasingly large group of Americans. VT's goal: To embrace both.

Proceedings of the World Congress on Vegetable Protein Utilization in Human Foods and Animal Feedstuffs

  • Auteur: Thomas H. Applewhite
  • ISBN: 9780935315257
  • Date de sortie: 1989-01-01
  • Collection: The American Oil Chemists Society
  • Total Download: 8357
  • Total Read: 2521

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