The Rope of Moka

  • Auteur: Andrew Strathern
  • ISBN: 9780521079877
  • Date de sortie: 1971
  • Collection: CUP Archive
  • Total Download: 2486
  • Total Read: 1724

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In the Mount Hagen area of central New Guinea, warfare has been replaced since the arrival of the Europeans by a vigorous development of moka, a competitive ceremonial exchange of wealth objects. The exchanges of pigs, shells and other valuables are interpreted as acting as a bond between groups, and as a means whereby individuals, notably the big-men, can maximize their status. Professor Strathern analyses the ways in which competition between big-men actually takes place, and the effects of this competition on the overall political system.

Managing Engineering Knowledge

  • Auteur: Melody Stokes
  • ISBN: 9781860582950
  • Date de sortie: 2001
  • Collection: Wiley-Blackwell
  • Total Download: 7022
  • Total Read: 1296

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A well run and structured system for Managing Engineering Knowledge can literally prevent engineers from having to re-invent the wheel, saving precious expert time and effort. Exploiting the capital associated with design knowledge has been shown to release considerable savings in the cost and lead times for detail design of new products. Until now there has been no common way of collecting, structuring, and formalizing the engineering knowledge associated with designs. This not only makes it hard to plan and organize the process of building knowledge based engineering applications, but also means that updating them and re-using modules is almost impossible. MOKA methodology and software tools oriented to knowledge-based engineering applications was created to fill this need. It is a practical tool to help those involved with building systems that represent knowledge, rather than a set of academic principles. Managing Engineering Knowledge is a comprehensive user guide to the methodology. Managing Engineering Knowledge caters for a wide range of people and backgrounds including general managers operating at the strategic level, project managers, engineering designers, information technologists, system modellers, and technical analysts. COMPLETE CONTENTS: Knowledge based engineering MOKA: The KBE lifecycle Identify/justify steps Collecting knowledge Structuring knowledge ICARE forms Informal model charts Transferring raw knowledge Formalizing knowledge Product model Design process model Transferring knowledge between informal and formal models Using MOKA models in KBE systems Activating models Knowledge sharing and re-use The future of MOKA.

The Dance

  • Auteur: Oluchukwu Moka
  • ISBN: 1490860118
  • Date de sortie: 2015-07-22
  • Collection: WestBow Press
  • Total Download: 9397
  • Total Read: 5292

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Amaris's love was birthed out of the memory of how he saved her from angry relatives and the evil forest. Years later, she finds opportunity to show her whole village the depth of this love at an event planned by the same object of her love-her King.

Just Us Girls

  • Auteur: Moka
  • ISBN: 9780810991613
  • Date de sortie: 2004-05-04
  • Collection: Harry N. Abrams
  • Total Download: 8297
  • Total Read: 9343

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Designed to help teen girls with self-esteem issues, this book speaks frankly and reassuringly about such concerns as body image, health, style, relationships, puberty, and more. Illustrations.

Tuki and Moka

  • Auteur: Judy Young
  • ISBN: 1627530444
  • Date de sortie: 2013-08-01
  • Collection: Sleeping Bear Press
  • Total Download: 8280
  • Total Read: 1211

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Eduardo and his family live in a small town in Ecuador, not far from the Amazon rainforest. The rainforest is an important part of their lives. Each month Eduardo and his father travel by river from their town to the rainforest. There, using just a basket and a machete, they gather Brazil nuts. They are castañeros and this is how they earn their living. But the rainforest is not only important to the castañeros; it is home to many exotic species of plants, birds, and mammals, including two playful tamarins that Eduardo has named Tuki and Moka. So although it is difficult work being a castañero, Eduardo looks forward to his visits to the rainforest so he can play with his two friends. But one night, the peace of the forest is threatened by poachers, animal traffickers who illegally capture and then try to sell some of the birds and animals. Can Eduardo save his friends?

The Priest at Moka a True Narrative By a Looker On

  • Auteur:
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 1846
  • Collection:
  • Total Download: 3215
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Reconciling Law and Morality in Human Rights Discourse

  • Auteur: Willy Moka-Mubelo
  • ISBN: 3319494961
  • Date de sortie: 2016-12-13
  • Collection: Springer
  • Total Download: 1410
  • Total Read: 6902

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In this book I argue for an approach that conceives human rights as both moral and legal rights. The merit of such an approach is its capacity to understand human rights more in terms of the kind of world free and reasonable beings would like to live in rather than simply in terms of what each individual is legally entitled to. While I acknowledge that every human being has the moral entitlement to be granted living conditions that are conducive to a dignified life, I maintain, at the same time, that the moral and legal aspects of human rights are complementary and should be given equal weight. The legal aspect compensates for the limitations of moral human rights the observance of which depends on the conscience of the individual, and the moral aspect tempers the mechanical and inhumane application of the law. Unlike the traditional or orthodox approach, which conceives human rights as rights that individuals have by virtue of their humanity, and the political or practical approach, which understands human rights as legal rights that are meant to limit the sovereignty of the state, the moral-legal approach reconciles law and morality in human rights discourse and underlines the importance of a legal framework that compensates for the deficiencies in the implementation of moral human rights. It not only challenges the exclusively negative approach to fundamental liberties but also emphasizes the necessity of an enforcement mechanism that helps those who are not morally motivated to refrain from violating the rights of others. Without the legal mechanism of enforcement, the understanding of human rights would be reduced to simply framing moral claims against injustices. From the moral-legal approach, the protection of human rights is understood as a common and shared responsibility. Such a responsibility goes beyond the boundaries of nation-states and requires the establishment of a cosmopolitan human rights regime based on the conviction that all human beings are members of a community of fate and that they share common values which transcend the limits of their individual states. In a cosmopolitan human rights regime, people are protected as persons and not as citizens of a particular state.
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