Non and Other Sense

  • Auteur: Peter Heinz Wendt
  • ISBN: 1612041019
  • Date de sortie: 2011
  • Collection: Strategic Book Publishing
  • Total Download: 5755
  • Total Read: 2422

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The magic of poetry is created through tone, association, and rhythm. Where a picture says a thousand words, a poem may replace a thousand pages. Poems invite our imagination to unwrap the condensed context of word compositions, and then find unique connotations and emotional responses in the ensuing associations with our personal experiences. Thus, a book of poetry may appear in many contexts; its impact on the open mind, however, is unique through individual differences and prevailing mood. Life experience enters poetry in many subtle ways. There is no specific experience to share. Four or five events over two decades may at some stage inspire a verse without the writer even being aware of it. Non - and Other Sense is a personal book of poetry that seeks to entertain, stimulate, provoke, and be shared. Most of all, it needs to be read again and again in order to expose its multiple layers of meaning. On migrating to Australia in 1973, I discovered very quickly that writing is an ideal medium to learn a language. Thus my book has grown one word at a time. Notes Peter Heinz Wendt, I am 66 years of age. It is not my age, but the age we live in that is pertinent to my poetry.About the Author: Peter Heinz Wendt grew up in Berlin during the height of the Cold War. He now teaches classical piano in Canberra, Australia. Publisher's website: http: //

Non lieux

  • Auteur: Marc Augé
  • ISBN: 9781859840511
  • Date de sortie: 1995
  • Collection: Verso
  • Total Download: 4558
  • Total Read: 5891

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An ever-increasing proportion of our lives is spent in supermarkets, airports and hotels, on motorways or in front of TVs, computers and cash machines. This invasion of the world by what Marc Augé calls "non-space" results in a profound alteration of awareness: something we perceive, but only in a partial and incoherent manner. Augé uses the concept of "supermodernity" to describe a situation of excessive information and excessive space. In this fascinating essay he seeks to establish an intellectual armature for an anthropology of supermodernity.

Non verbal Communication

  • Auteur: Robert A. Hinde
  • ISBN: 9780521290128
  • Date de sortie: 1972
  • Collection: Cambridge University Press
  • Total Download: 9806
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Social scientists discuss and compare the systems of non-verbal communication used by animals and man

Popular Musics of the Non Western World

  • Auteur: Peter Manuel
  • ISBN: 9780195063349
  • Date de sortie: 1988
  • Collection: Oxford University Press on Demand
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Reflecting the growing interest in popular music from the developing world, this unique book is the first to examine all major non-Western urban music styles, from increasingly familiar genres like reggae and salsa, to the lesser-known regional styles of Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, non-Western Europe (Greece, Yugoslavia, Portugal), Asia, and the Near East. Manuel establishes parameters that distinguish popular music from both folk and classical music, defining popular music as music created with the mass media in mind and reproduced on a large scale basis as a salable commodity for wide public consumption. While emphasizing stylistic analysis and historical development, he also treats the diverse popular musics as sites for the negotiation and mediation of the dialectics of nationalism and acculturation, tradition and modernity, urban and rural aesthetics, and grassroots spontaneity and corporate or bureaucratic manipulation. With its encyclopedic syntheses of earlier studies and extensive original research, Manuel's book will be an invaluable source for general readers and students of ethnology, popular music, and contemporary culture.

Development of non bank financial institutions and capital markets in European union accession countries

  • Auteur: Marie-Renée Bakker
  • ISBN: 9780821357880
  • Date de sortie: 2004-01-01
  • Collection: World Bank Publications
  • Total Download: 9264
  • Total Read: 5210

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This study examines the role of non-bank financial institutions and capital markets in the financial sectors of the eight EU accession countries: Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia. It assesses the current state of development and prospects for future growth, and the likely impact of EU accession on these segments of the financial system. It also sets out a series of policy recommendations to help promote the future development of non-bank forms of financial intermediation.

Non governmental Organisations

  • Auteur: Michael Edwards
  • ISBN: 9781853833106
  • Date de sortie: 1995
  • Collection: Earthscan
  • Total Download: 6293
  • Total Read: 9034

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The last decade has seen some significant changes in international development and in the status of non-governmental organisations operating in the field. Not only has the number of NGOs virtually doubled; many of them have seen a considerable growth in their budgets, and have grown closer to governments and official aid agencies. NGOs are acknowledged by many to be more effective agents of development than governments or commercial interests ? even as a ?magic bullet? for development problems. Despite these positive trends, the real impact of the NGO sector is not well documented. This is partly because NGO performance-assessment and accountability methods are weak, and partly because NGOs are caught up increasingly in the world of official aid, which pushes them towards certain forms of evaluation at the expense of others. This unique book takes a hard and critical look at these issues, and describes how NGOs can, and must, improve the way they measure and account for their performance if they are to be truly effective.

Non Retaliation in Early Jewish and New Testament Texts

  • Auteur: Gordon Zerbe
  • ISBN: 9781850753896
  • Date de sortie: 1993-10-01
  • Collection: A&C Black
  • Total Download: 1872
  • Total Read: 9768

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This study examines the varieties and continuities of ethical exhortations and ideals in the Jewish and Christian traditions (c. 200 BCE-100 CE) that fall under the rubric of non-retaliation. One of the principal conclusions of this thought-provoking work is that a critical factor in determining the shape of non-retaliatory ethics is whether the exhortation is applied to relations within the local and/or elect community or to relations with oppressors of the elect community. It becomes apparent also that the non-retaliatory ethic of the NT stands solidly in the tradition of non-retaliatory ethics in Early Judaism.
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