Non equilibrium Thermodynamics for Engineers

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  • ISBN: 9814329916
  • Date de sortie: 2010
  • Collection: World Scientific
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The book is aimed at assessing the capabilities of state-of-the-art optical techniques in elucidating the fundamental electronic and structural properties of semiconductor and metal surfaces, interfaces, thin layers, and layer structures, and assessing the usefulness of these techniques for optimization of high quality multilayer samples through feedback control during materials growth and processing. Particular emphasis is placed on the theory of non-linear optics and dynamical processes through the use of pump-probe techniques together with the search for new optical sources. Some new applications of Scanning Probe Microscopy to Material science and biological samples, dried and in vivo, with the use of different laser sources are also presented. Materials of special interest are silicon, semiconductor-metal interfaces, semiconductor and magnetic multi-layers and III-V compound semiconductors.

Games for Actors and Non actors

  • Auteur: Augusto Boal
  • ISBN: 0415267617
  • Date de sortie: 2002
  • Collection: Psychology Press
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Games for Actors and Non-Actors is the classic and best selling book by the founder of Theatre of the Oppressed, Augusto Boal. It sets out the principles and practice of Boal's revolutionary Method, showing how theatre can be used to transform and liberate everyone - actors and non-actors alike! This thoroughly updated and substantially revised second edition includes: two new essays by Boal on major recent projects in Brazil Boal's description of his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company a revised introduction and translator's preface a collection of photographs taken during Boal's workshops, commissioned for this edition new reflections on Forum Theatre.

Non and Other Sense

  • Auteur: Peter Heinz Wendt
  • ISBN: 1612041019
  • Date de sortie: 2011
  • Collection: Strategic Book Publishing
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The magic of poetry is created through tone, association, and rhythm. Where a picture says a thousand words, a poem may replace a thousand pages. Poems invite our imagination to unwrap the condensed context of word compositions, and then find unique connotations and emotional responses in the ensuing associations with our personal experiences. Thus, a book of poetry may appear in many contexts; its impact on the open mind, however, is unique through individual differences and prevailing mood. Life experience enters poetry in many subtle ways. There is no specific experience to share. Four or five events over two decades may at some stage inspire a verse without the writer even being aware of it. Non - and Other Sense is a personal book of poetry that seeks to entertain, stimulate, provoke, and be shared. Most of all, it needs to be read again and again in order to expose its multiple layers of meaning. On migrating to Australia in 1973, I discovered very quickly that writing is an ideal medium to learn a language. Thus my book has grown one word at a time. Notes Peter Heinz Wendt, I am 66 years of age. It is not my age, but the age we live in that is pertinent to my poetry.About the Author: Peter Heinz Wendt grew up in Berlin during the height of the Cold War. He now teaches classical piano in Canberra, Australia. Publisher's website: http: //

Non lieux

  • Auteur: Marc Augé
  • ISBN: 9781859840511
  • Date de sortie: 1995
  • Collection: Verso
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An ever-increasing proportion of our lives is spent in supermarkets, airports and hotels, on motorways or in front of TVs, computers and cash machines. This invasion of the world by what Marc Augé calls "non-space" results in a profound alteration of awareness: something we perceive, but only in a partial and incoherent manner. Augé uses the concept of "supermodernity" to describe a situation of excessive information and excessive space. In this fascinating essay he seeks to establish an intellectual armature for an anthropology of supermodernity.

Response in the Living and Non Living

  • Auteur: Jagadis Bose
  • ISBN: 0980297699
  • Date de sortie: 2009
  • Collection: the Philovox
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At one stage of his long career, Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose undertook an examination of inorganic matter in the same way as a biologist examines a muscle or a nerve. He subjected metals to various kinds of stimulus-mechanical, thermal, chemical, and electrical. He found that all sorts of stimulus produce an excitatory change in them. This excitation sometimes expresses itself in a visible change of form, and sometimes not; but the disturbance produced by the stimulus always exhibits itself as an electric response. His investigations showed that, in the entire range of response phenomena (regardless of whether the subject is metallic, plant or animal in origin) there is no breach of continuity; that "the living response in all its diverse modifications is only a repetition of responses seen in the inorganic" and that the phenomena of response "are determined, not by the play of an unknowable and arbitrary vital force, but by the working of laws that know no change, acting equally and uniformly throughout the organic and inorganic matter."

Teens are Non Divorceable

  • Auteur: Sara Bonkowski
  • ISBN: 9780915388363
  • Date de sortie: 1990
  • Collection: Acta Publications
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A primer on the special issues of divorce that affect adolescents -- emotional matters of custody, separation, parental dating and remarriage, teenage concerns about identity formation.

Non silver photographic processes

  • Auteur: R. J. Cox
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  • Date de sortie: 1975-04-25
  • Collection: Academic Press
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