The Bridge at Qu bec

  • Auteur: William D. Middleton
  • ISBN: 9780253337610
  • Date de sortie: 2001
  • Collection: Indiana University Press
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"The Bridge at Quebec provides a full account of the long effort to build a bridge across the St. Lawrence at this difficult site, with particular emphasis on the extraordinary story of the failure of the first bridge, its engineers and their fateful decisions, the terrible collapse of August 29, 1907, and the human tragedies that accompanied it, and the lessons that its story holds even today for engineers and builders as they continue to extend the boundaries of technology. Fully illustrated, the book makes clear to the general reader and technical audience alike the engineering and technical issues involved in this story of one of the world's greatest bridges."--BOOK JACKET.

Quebec A History 1867 1929

  • Auteur: Paul-André Linteau
  • ISBN: 9780888626042
  • Date de sortie: 1983
  • Collection: James Lorimer & Company
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  • Total Read: 4103

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List of Tables List of Maps List of Figures Preface PART I- LAND AND POPULATION 1867-1929 1. The Land An American Land The Settlement of the Land The Shaping of Physical Space 2.


  • Auteur: Kenneth McRoberts
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 1988
  • Collection: McClelland & Stewart Limited
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  • Total Read: 4947

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Shakespeare in Quebec

  • Auteur: Jennifer Drouin
  • ISBN: 1442647973
  • Date de sortie: 2014-03-07
  • Collection: University of Toronto Press
  • Total Download: 9868
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In Shakespeare in Québec, Jennifer Drouin analyses representations of nation and gender in Shakespearean adaptations written in Québec since the Quiet Revolution. Using postcolonial and gender theory, Drouin traces the evolution of discourses of nation and gender in Québec from the Conquest of New France to the present, and she elaborates a theory of adaptation specific to Shakespeare studies. Drouin's book explains why Québécois playwrights seem so obsessed with rewriting “le grand Will,” what changes they make to the Shakespearean text, and how the differences between Shakespeare and the adaptations engage the nationalist, feminist, and queer concerns of Québec society. Close readings from ten plays investigate the radical changes to content that allowed Québécois playwrights to advocate for political change and contribute to the hot debates of the Quiet Revolution, the 1970 October Crisis, the 1980 and 1995 referenda, the rise of feminism, and the emergence of AIDS. Drouin reveals not only how Shakespeare has been adapted in Québec but also how Québécois adaptations have evolved in response to changes in the political climate. As a critical analysis in English of rich but largely ignored French plays, Shakespeare in Québec bridges Canada's “two solitudes.”


  • Auteur: Gérard Bouchard
  • ISBN: 1442615842
  • Date de sortie: 2015-01-15
  • Collection: University of Toronto Press
  • Total Download: 4478
  • Total Read: 8734

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Written by one of Quebec's leading public intellectuals and the co-chair of the Bouchard-Taylor Commission on reasonable accommodation,Interculturalism is the first clear and comprehensive statement in English of the intercultural approach to managing diversity.

Ulysses Quebec

  • Auteur: Hunter Publishing
  • ISBN: 9782894647110
  • Date de sortie: 2006-04-01
  • Collection: Hunter Publishing, Inc
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Nationalism and the Politics of Culture in Quebec

  • Auteur: Richard Handler
  • ISBN: 9780299115142
  • Date de sortie: 1988
  • Collection: Univ of Wisconsin Press
  • Total Download: 5281
  • Total Read: 1996

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Richard Handler's pathbreaking study of nationalistic politics in Quebec is a striking and successful example of the new experimental type of ethnography, interdisciplinary in nature and intensively concerned with rhetoric and not only of anthropologists but also of scholars in a wide range of fields, and it is likely to stir sharp controversy. Bringing together methodologies of history, sociology, political science, and philosophy, as well as anthropology, Handler centers on the period 1976–1984, during which the independantiste Parti Québéois was in control of the provincial government and nationalistic sentiment was especially strong. Handler draws on historical and archival research, and on interviews with Quebec and Canadian government officials, as he addresses the central question: Given the similarities between the epistemologies of both anthropology and nationalist ideology, how can one write an ethnography of nationalism that does not simply reproduce—and thereby endorse—nationalistic beliefs? Handler analyzes various responses to the nationalist vision of a threatened existence. He examines cultural tourism, ideology of the Quebec government, legislations concerning historical preservation, language legislation and policies towards immigrants and “cultural minorities.” He concludes with a thoughtful meditation on the futility of nationalisms.
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