The Rock Book

  • Auteur: Carroll Lane Fenton
  • ISBN: 9780486422671
  • Date de sortie: 2003-01-01
  • Collection: Courier Corporation
  • Total Download: 5844
  • Total Read: 5334

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A history of the origin and development of the earth's surface. Answers real questions about rock hunting and collecting, physical properties and atomic structures of minerals, types of igneous rocks, meteorites, sedimentary rocks, limestone, metamorphic rocks, ores, determining the ages of rocks, and much more. 48 halftones. 40 line illustrations. 15 color illustrations on covers.

Everybody Needs a Rock

  • Auteur: Byrd Baylor
  • ISBN: 1442408111
  • Date de sortie: 2011-08-16
  • Collection: Simon and Schuster
  • Total Download: 9885
  • Total Read: 7569

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Everybody needs a rock -- at least that's the way this particular rock hound feels about it in presenting her own highly individualistic rules for finding just the right rock for you.

Risky Business

  • Auteur: R. Serge Denisoff
  • ISBN: 9781412833370
  • Date de sortie: 2011-12-31
  • Collection: Transaction Publishers
  • Total Download: 7149
  • Total Read: 1783

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The role of motion pictures in the popularity of rock music became increasingly significant in the latter twentieth century. Rock music and its interaction with film is the subject of this significant book that re-examines and extends Serge Denisoff’s pioneering observations of this relationship. Prior to Saturday Night Fever rock music had a limited role in the motion picture business. That movie’s success, and the success of its soundtrack, began to change the silver screen. In 1983, with Flashdance, the situation drastically evolved and by 1984, ten soundtracks, many in the pop/rock genre, were certified platinum. Choosing which rock scores to discuss in this book was a challenging task. The authors made selections from seminal films such as The Graduate, Easy Rider, American Grafitti, Saturday Night Fever, Help!, and Dirty Dancing. However, many productions of the period are significant not because of their success, but because of their box office and record store failures. Risky Business chronicles the interaction of two major mediums of mass culture in the latter twentieth century. This book is essential for those interested in communications, popular culture, and social change.

Expression in Pop rock Music

  • Auteur: Walter Everett
  • ISBN: 9780815331605
  • Date de sortie: 2000
  • Collection: Taylor & Francis
  • Total Download: 7734
  • Total Read: 5657

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First published in 2000

Jazz Rock and Rebels

  • Auteur: Uta G. Poiger
  • ISBN: 9780520211391
  • Date de sortie: 2000
  • Collection: Univ of California Press
  • Total Download: 2286
  • Total Read: 9646

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"This significant contribution to German history pioneers a conceptually sophisticated approach to German-German relations. Poiger has much to say about the construction of both gender norms and masculine and feminine identities, and she has valuable insights into the role that notions of race played in defining and reformulating those identities and prescriptive behaviors in the German context. The book will become a 'must read' for German historians."--Heide Fehrenbach, author of Cinema in Democratizing Germany "Poiger breaks new ground in this history of the postwar Germanies. The book will serve as a model for all future studies of comparative German-German history."--Robert G. Moeller, author of Protecting Motherhood "Jazz, Rock, and Rebels exemplifies the exciting work currently emerging out of transnational analyses. [A] well-written and well-argued study."--Priscilla Wald, author of Constituting Americans

Alternative Rock

  • Auteur: Dave Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780879306076
  • Date de sortie: 2000
  • Collection: Hal Leonard Corporation
  • Total Download: 7836
  • Total Read: 1019

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Provides profiles of solo performers, bands, producers, and record labels from the alternative rock movement, ranging from the mid-1970s to the present, and includes discographies, album reviews, and photographs.

Performing Glam Rock

  • Auteur: Philip Auslander
  • ISBN: 9780472068685
  • Date de sortie: 2006
  • Collection: University of Michigan Press
  • Total Download: 4410
  • Total Read: 6967

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This text situates the glam rock phenomenon historically and examines it as a set of performance strategies. It explores the ways in which glam rock, while celebrating the showmanship of 1950s rock and roll, began to undermine rock's adherence to the ideology of authenticity in the late 1960s.
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