Sumerki D mmerung

  • Auteur: Dmitry Glukhovsky
  • ISBN: 3641060214
  • Date de sortie: 2010-12-21
  • Collection: Heyne Verlag
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Dmitry Glukhovsky öffnet das Tor zu einer dunklen Welt Merkwürdige Dinge geschehen in Moskau. Der Über setzer Dmitrij Alexejewitsch wird von einem anonymen Auftraggeber gebeten, einen Bericht spanischer Konquistadoren aus dem Jahre 1562 ins Russische zu übertragen. Reine Routine, denkt Dmitrij, doch plötzlich werden die in diesem Text geschilderten Ereignisse Teil seiner Realität: Er hört den Schrei eines Jaguars, findet rätselhafte Kratzspuren an seiner Tür, und ihm nahestehende Menschen kommen auf groteske Weise zu Tode. Verliert er den Verstand – oder kündet sich mit dem Bericht der Konquistadoren womöglich das Ende der Welt an? Ein Wettlauf gegen die Zeit beginnt ...


  • Auteur: Dmitry Glukhovsky
  • ISBN: 9788448044657
  • Date de sortie: 2011-04-05
  • Collection:
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El traductor Dmitry Alexeyevich recibe de manos de un cliente anónimo el encargo de llevar al ruso unas crónicas escritas por conquistadores españoles en el siglo XVI en la Península de Yucatán. «Pura rutina», piensa Dmitry, pero a medida que va leyendo su interés se despierta. El escrito narra la travesía de los expedicionarios por antiguos templos mayas, los ataques que sufren por parte de los habitantes locales, los sacrificios humanos y los rumores de una oscura maldición. Cada capítulo que traduce es un paso más para descifrar el misterio que esconde el texto y también uno más hacia la locura. Cosas extrañas comienzan suceder en Moscú. De pronto, los acontecimientos que se narran forman parte de la realidad: oye la llamada de un jaguar, encuentra arañazos tras la puerta y las personas de su círculo más cercano empiezan a ser asesinadas de manera violenta. Desastres naturales, tsunamis y terremotos parecen anunciar el apocalipsis y confirman la profecía. ¿Acaso el traductor ha perdido el juicio? ¿O es que, tal vez, la narración de los conquistadores anuncia el fin del mundo? Empieza una dramática carrera contra reloj...

Sumerki russko sot s al demokrat i

  • Auteur:
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 1924
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Poetry and the Leningrad Religious Philosophical Seminar 1974 1980

  • Auteur: Josephine von Zitzewitz
  • ISBN: 1317198514
  • Date de sortie: 2016-05-12
  • Collection: Routledge
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The Religious-Philosophical Seminar, meeting in Leningrad between 1974-1980, was an underground study group where young intellectuals staged debates, read poetry and circulated their own typewritten journal, called ‘37’. The group and its journal offered a platform to poets who subsequently entered the canon of Russian verse, such as Viktor Krivulin (1944-2001) and Elena Shvarts (1948-2010). Josephine von Zitzewitz’s new study focuses on the Seminar’s identification of culture and spirituality, which allowed Leningrad’s unofficial culture to tap into the spirit of Russian modernism, as can be seen in ‘37’. This book is thus a study of a major current in twentieth-century Russian poetry, and an enquiry into the intersection between literary and spiritual concerns. But it also presents case studies of five poets from a special generation: not only Krivulin and Shvarts, but also Sergei Stratanovskii (1944-), Oleg Okhapkin (1944-2008) and Aleksandr Mironov (1948-2010).

Faunal Heritage of Rajasthan India

  • Auteur: B.K. Sharma
  • ISBN: 1461408008
  • Date de sortie: 2013-09-14
  • Collection: Springer Science & Business Media
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This is the first ever monumental and scientific documentation of the faunal wealth of the Indian Desert state of Rajasthan. This volume, the first of two, provides background on Rajasthan and covers species diversity and distribution of fauna. A scholarly contribution to the field of knowledge, it provides novel and vital information on the vertebrate faunal heritage of India’s largest state. Broadly falling under the Indo-Malaya Ecozone, the three major biomes of Rajasthan include deserts and xeric shrublands, tropical and subtropical dry broadleaf forests, and tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests. The corresponding ecoregions to the above biomes are, respectively, the Thar Desert and northwestern thorn scrub forests, the Khathiar-Gir dry deciduous forests, and the Upper Gangtic Plains moist deciduous forests. Contrary to popular belief, the well-known Thar or Great Indian Desert occupies only a part of the state. Rajasthan is diagonally divided by the Aravalli mountain ranges into arid and semi-arid regions. The latter have a spectacular variety of highly diversified and unique yet fragile ecosystems comprising lush green fields, marshes, grasslands, rocky patches and hilly terrains, dense forests, the southern plateau, fresh water wetlands, and salt lakes. Apart from the floral richness, there is faunal abundance from fishes to mammals. In this volume, the various flagship and threatened species are described in the 24 chapters penned by top notch wildlife experts and academics. The world famous heronry, tiger reserves, wildlife sanctuaries and some threat-ridden biodiversity rich areas shall certainly draw the attention of readers from around the world.

Osip Mandel tam and His Age

  • Auteur: Steven Broyde
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 1975-01-01
  • Collection: Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press
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St Petersburg

  • Auteur: Catriona Kelly
  • ISBN: 0300198590
  • Date de sortie: 2014-02-28
  • Collection: Yale University Press
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DIVFragile, gritty, and vital to an extraordinary degree, St. Petersburg is one of the world’s most alluring cities—a place in which the past is at once ubiquitous and inescapably controversial. Yet outsiders are far more familiar with the city’s pre-1917 and Second World War history than with its recent past./divDIV /divDIVIn this beautifully illustrated and highly original book, Catriona Kelly shows how creative engagement with the past has always been fundamental to St. Petersburg’s residents. Weaving together oral history, personal observation, literary and artistic texts, journalism, and archival materials, she traces the at times paradoxical feelings of anxiety and pride that were inspired by living in the city, both when it was socialist Leningrad, and now. Ranging from rubbish dumps to promenades, from the city’s glamorous center to its grimy outskirts, this ambitious book offers a compelling and always unexpected panorama of an extraordinary and elusive place./div
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