Trying Not to Try

  • Auteur: Edward Slingerland
  • ISBN: 0770437621
  • Date de sortie: 2014-03-04
  • Collection: Crown
  • Total Download: 2077
  • Total Read: 2514

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A deeply original exploration of the power of spontaneity—an ancient Chinese ideal that cognitive scientists are only now beginning to understand—and why it is so essential to our well-being Why is it always hard to fall asleep the night before an important meeting? Or be charming and relaxed on a first date? What is it about a politician who seems wooden or a comedian whose jokes fall flat or an athlete who chokes? In all of these cases, striving seems to backfire. In Trying Not To Try, Edward Slingerland explains why we find spontaneity so elusive, and shows how early Chinese thought points the way to happier, more authentic lives. We’ve long been told that the way to achieve our goals is through careful reasoning and conscious effort. But recent research suggests that many aspects of a satisfying life, like happiness and spontaneity, are best pursued indirectly. The early Chinese philosophers knew this, and they wrote extensively about an effortless way of being in the world, which they called wu-wei (ooo-way). They believed it was the source of all success in life, and they developed various strategies for getting it and hanging on to it. With clarity and wit, Slingerland introduces us to these thinkers and the marvelous characters in their texts, from the butcher whose blade glides effortlessly through an ox to the wood carver who sees his sculpture simply emerge from a solid block. Slingerland uncovers a direct line from wu-wei to the Force in Star Wars, explains why wu-wei is more powerful than flow, and tells us what it all means for getting a date. He also shows how new research reveals what’s happening in the brain when we’re in a state of wu-wei—why it makes us happy and effective and trustworthy, and how it might have even made civilization possible. Through stories of mythical creatures and drunken cart riders, jazz musicians and Japanese motorcycle gangs, Slingerland effortlessly blends Eastern thought and cutting-edge science to show us how we can live more fulfilling lives. Trying Not To Try is mind-expanding and deeply pleasurable, the perfect antidote to our striving modern culture. From the Hardcover edition.

I Try To Be A Good Person

  • Auteur: Trisha Callella-Jones
  • ISBN: 9781574713374
  • Date de sortie: 1998-03-01
  • Collection: Creative Teaching Press
  • Total Download: 4871
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A young girl demonstrates the traits of honesty, caring, good sportsmanship, helpfulness, friendship, patience and selflessness in a variety of school settings.

Try This at Home

  • Auteur: Richard Blais
  • ISBN: 0307985288
  • Date de sortie: 2013-02-26
  • Collection: Clarkson Potter
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  • Total Read: 2243

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From Bravo’s Top Chef All-Stars winner Richard Blais comes his very cool debut cookbook for home cooks looking to up their game with more excitement in the kitchen. This is accessible and fun, and includes the signature recipes, flavor combinations, and cooking techniques that have made him such a popular chef. A new way to make a dish is always on Richard Blais’s mind. He has a wildly creative approach—whether it’s adding coffee to his butter, which he serves with pancakes; incorporating the flavors of pastrami into mustard; making cannelloni out of squid; microwaving apple sauce for his pork chops; or cooking lamb shanks in root beer. In his debut cookbook, with equal degrees of enthusiasm and humor, he shares 125 delicious recipes that are full of surprise and flavor. Plus there are 25 variations to add more adventure to your cooking—such as making cheese foam for your burger or mashed sous vide peas to serve alongside your entrée. Dive into an exploration of your kitchen for both creativity and enjoyment. Now try this at home!

One More Try

  • Auteur: Shannon M. Sloan
  • ISBN: 1617770760
  • Date de sortie: 2012-06
  • Collection: Tate Publishing
  • Total Download: 6292
  • Total Read: 7514

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'Elijah?' I ask, but he doesn't answer. 'Elijah...can you hear me?' I ask more frightened than before; still nothing. 'Elijah!' I scream at him. His head lays slumped against the frame of the door as I try to reach out for him but can't...I am trapped. Emma Fisher is quickly learning that her life is exactly the way her brother said it was. She has spent her entire high school career in the grips of the popular crowd, playing their games and following their lead. No one wants to step up and make a change, but sometimes fate intervenes, and we don't have a choice. One night of fun turns fatal when fate crashes through the future Emma thought she had. Now, with the death of her twin brother, Emma is left to pick up the pieces by herself and hope for better days. Emma finds just the change she needs when new kid Caleb McEnroe, a looker with a bad boy image, comes to town. Emma is forced to appear in court and confront her brother's slayer. But things don't go as planned when a scornful someone sets out to make sure that Emma and her newfound friends don't get One More Try... Author Shannon Sloan discovered her passion for writing in high school. Shannon lives in Nevada with her husband, Michael, and four children.

Never Try to Teach a Pig to Sing

  • Auteur: Alan Dundes
  • ISBN: 9780814323588
  • Date de sortie: 1991
  • Collection: Wayne State University Press
  • Total Download: 1658
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Never Try to Teach a Pig to Sing documents the thriving folklore tradition that circulates in the workplace. Alan Dundes and Carl Pagter have collected more than two hundred and fifty "signs of the times"—the office memoranda, parodies, cartoons, and poems that daily make their way through copy machines, interoffice mail systems, and fax machines and are affixed to bulletin boards and water coolers. The rich vein of urban folklore tapped by this imaginative volume constitutes a great testament to one of the world's most prolific authors—anonymous. The popularity of the items featured in this timely book is apparent by their reproduction in mass or popular cultural form—as greeting cards, plaques, and bumper stickers—reminding us of the inevitable interplay between folklore and mass culture. Dundes and Pagter clearly demonstrate the existence of folklore in the modern urban technological world and refute the notion that folklore reflects only the past.

Try to feel it my way

  • Auteur: Suzette Haden Elgin
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 1997
  • Collection: John Wiley & Sons Inc
  • Total Download: 9031
  • Total Read: 3596

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Argues that each individual is dominated by a sense--sight, hearing, or touch--and the touch dominant people need help in communicating in a society in which they are in the minority


  • Auteur: Lily Burana
  • ISBN: 9780312355050
  • Date de sortie: 2006-07-11
  • Collection: Macmillan
  • Total Download: 4676
  • Total Read: 4366

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Returning to Wyoming mountain country to help sell the family homestead, young artist Daryl Heatherly resists her feelings for rodeo champion J. W. Jarrett, whom she discovers likes to practice his competitive talents outside of the rodeo circuit. A first novel by the author of Strip City. 40,000 first printing.
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