The Twitter Book

  • Auteur: Tim O'Reilly
  • ISBN: 1449314201
  • Date de sortie: 2011-11-14
  • Collection: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
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  • Total Read: 6918

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Provides information on using the social networking site Twitter.

Hatching Twitter

  • Auteur: Nick Bilton
  • ISBN: 144476196X
  • Date de sortie: 2013-11-05
  • Collection: Hachette UK
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New York Times Bestseller Wall Street Journal Business Bestseller Evening Standard pick Favourite Books of 2013, Sunday Business Post THE ULTIMATE 21ST CENTURY BUSINESS STORY Ev told Jack he had to 'chill out' with the deluge of media he was doing. 'It's bad for the company,' Ev said. 'It's sending the wrong message.' Biz sat between them, watching like a spectator at a tennis match. 'But I invented Twitter,' Jack said. 'No, you didn't invent Twitter,' Ev replied. 'I didn't invent Twitter either. Neither did Biz. People don't invent things on the Internet. They simply expand on an idea that already exsists.' Since 2006, Twitter has grown from the accidental side project of a failing internet start-up, to a global icon that by 2013 had become an $11.5bn business. But the full story of Twitter's hatching has never been told before. In his revelatory new book, New York Times journalist Nick Bilton takes readers behind the scenes of Twitter as it grew at exponential speeds, and inside the heads of the four hackers who created it: ambitious millionaire Evan Williams; tattooed mastermind Jack Dorsey; joker and diplomat Biz Stone; and Noah Glass, the shy but energetic geek who invested his whole life in Twitter, only to be kicked out and expunged from the company's official history. Combining unprecedented access with exhaustive investigative reporting, and drawing on hundreds of sources, documents and internal e-mails, HATCHING TWITTER is a blistering drama of betrayed friendships and high-stakes power struggles. A business story like no other, it will shock, expose and inspire.

Twitter Guide for Marketers

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  • Date de sortie:
  • Collection: Robert Gourley
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Twitter API Up and Running

  • Auteur: Kevin Makice
  • ISBN: 0596555512
  • Date de sortie: 2009-03-17
  • Collection: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
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This groundbreaking book provides you with the skills and resources necessary to build web applications for Twitter. Perfect for new and casual programmers intrigued by the world of microblogging, Twitter API: Up and Running carefully explains how each part of Twitter's API works, with detailed examples that show you how to assemble those building blocks into practical and fun web applications. You'll also get a complete look at Twitter culture and learn how it has inspired programmers to build hundreds of tools and applications. With this book, you will: Explore every component of a Twitter application and learn how the API responds Get the PHP and MySQL code necessary to build your own applications, with explanations of how these ingredients work Learn from real-world Twitter applications created just for this book Discover the most interesting and useful Twitter programs--and get ideas for creating your own--with the book's Twitter application directory Twitter offers a new way to connect with people on the Internet, and Twitter API: Up and Running takes you right to the heart of this technology. "Twitter API: Up and Running is a friendly, accessible introduction to the Twitter API. Even beginning web developers can have a working Twitter project before they know it. Sit down with this for a weekend and you're on your way to Twitter API mastery."--Alex Payne, Twitter API Lead "Twitter API: Up and Running is a very comprehensive and useful resource--any developer will feel the urge to code a Twitter-related application right after finishing the book!"--The Lollicode team, creators of Twitscoop


  • Auteur: Dhiraj Murthy
  • ISBN: 0745665101
  • Date de sortie: 2013-09-04
  • Collection: John Wiley & Sons
  • Total Download: 1586
  • Total Read: 9764

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Twitter has become a household name, discussed both for its role in prominent national elections, natural disasters, and political movements, as well as for what some malign as narcissistic “chatter.” This book takes a critical step back from popular discourse and media coverage of Twitter, to present the first balanced, scholarly engagement of this popular medium. In this timely and comprehensive introduction, Murthy not only discusses Twitter’s role in our political, economic, and social lives, but also draws a historical line between the telegraph and Twitter to reflect on changes in social communication over time. The book thoughtfully examines Twitter as an emergent global communications medium and provides a theoretical framework for students, scholars, and tweeters to reflect critically on the impact of Twitter and the contemporary media environment. The book uses case studies including citizen journalism, health, and national disasters to provide empirically rich insights and to help decipher some of the ways in which Twitter and social media more broadly may be shaping contemporary life.

The Human Side of Twitter

  • Auteur: Neil Sandow
  • ISBN: 1448659833
  • Date de sortie: 2009-08-04
  • Collection: Neil Sandow
  • Total Download: 3186
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The Human Side of Twitter contains 2200+ tweets, humorous or otherwise, mined from the archives of Twitter. In this revised edition, which contains nearly twice the content of the first edition, you can listen in to the not-so-personal thoughts of normal (?) people from all over the world. Unlike most social networks, you see, Twitter is an open book. This book contains adult content.

Social Networking

  • Auteur: Marcia Amidon Lüsted
  • ISBN: 1617589691
  • Date de sortie: 2011-01-01
  • Collection: ABDO
  • Total Download: 6230
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Social networking has quickly become a popular method of communication, especially among teenagers and young adults. While previous generations of teenagers relied mainly on the telephone as a way to stay in contact with their friends, today's teenagers can use cell phones, instant messaging, text messaging, and social networks online to maintain almost constant contact with their friends. But what are the positive and negative aspects of social networking, and how has it changed society?
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