Expo 2 Vert Pupil Book

  • Auteur: Jon Meier
  • ISBN: 9780435385576
  • Date de sortie: 2004
  • Collection: Heinemann
  • Total Download: 9056
  • Total Read: 1943

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This book offers a lively, communicative approach to modern languages, underpinned by a clear grammatical foundation, for pupils with a lower ability. Staightforward explanations of the way that the language works are accompanied by regular reading and writing practice activities.

Skateboard Vert

  • Auteur: Thomas Streissguth
  • ISBN: 1612113990
  • Date de sortie: 2013-08-01
  • Collection: Bellwether Media
  • Total Download: 2206
  • Total Read: 5218

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Vert skateboarders cruise up and down ramps, launching into the air to perform dangerous tricks. Students will learn about the equipment, skill, and determination required to become a competitive vert skater.

Vert Skating

  • Auteur: Jeff Savage
  • ISBN: 9780736827058
  • Date de sortie: 2005
  • Collection: Capstone
  • Total Download: 8797
  • Total Read: 3735

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Describes vert skating, a sport in which skateboarders do tricks on halfpipe ramps.

Vert Up

  • Auteur: The Vert-Up Team
  • ISBN: 146891104X
  • Date de sortie: 2012-07-18
  • Collection: Booktango
  • Total Download: 6168
  • Total Read: 2102

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Vert-up is not a book. Vert-up is workout program that gets your vertical leap higher. This program is for athletes that want an edge in sports, if they are up for the task!

Metro Pour L Ecosse

  • Auteur: Gill Ramage
  • ISBN: 9780435381509
  • Date de sortie: 2002-03-11
  • Collection: Heinemann
  • Total Download: 8089
  • Total Read: 7638

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Metro pour L'Ecosse covers the Scottish curriculum at S3 and S4, taking into account the requirements for Standard Grade and Intermediate Levels 1 and 2. It follows on from Metro 1 and 2 but can be used as a stand-alone course. It is a clearly structured course that focuses strongly on grammar and gives students plenty of opportunities for practice and revision throughout, to help them face the exams with total confidence. This Vert book is for Foundation/General/Intermediate 1. It includes grammatical progression and clear explanations for pupils; optional primer sections (Deja vu) at the start of each chaper which revise earlier material; opportunities to practise all four skills; and special sections which focus on key areas such as extended writing and speaking practice.


  • Auteur: Jeff Noon
  • ISBN: 1447225740
  • Date de sortie: 2012-10-25
  • Collection: Pan Macmillan
  • Total Download: 3984
  • Total Read: 8788

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This 20th Anniversary Edition features a foreword by Lauren Beukes and three fantastic new short stories, all set in the extraordinary world of Vurt... Take a trip in a stranger's head. Travel rain-shot streets with a gang of hip malcontents, hooked on the most powerful drug you can imagine. Yet Vurt feathers are not for the weak. As the mysterious Game Cat says, ‘Be careful, be very careful’. But Scribble isn't listening. He has to find his lost love. His journey is a mission to find Curious Yellow, the ultimate, perhaps even mythical Vurt feather. As the most powerful narcotic of all, Scribble must be prepared to leave his current reality behind. ‘Vurt was an SF novel that was really fresh and peculiar’ William Gibson, ‘Transgressive. It got under your skin like Cronenberg, or like Poppy Brite’ Chuck Wendig, ‘Vurt is a gripping piece of speculative fiction’ Guardian

The History of John Vert

  • Auteur: Shirley Vert Jergler
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 1985
  • Collection:
  • Total Download: 1397
  • Total Read: 1166

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John Vert (1810-1894?) was born a South Leith, Edinburgh County, Scotland, the son of John and Helen Ritchie Vert. He immigrated to Ontario, Canada, and married Caroline Scott (1820-1850) in 1839 at Toronto. They settled at Pickering, Ontario. They had four children, 1841-1849. The family moved to Whitby, Ontario, ca. 1848. Caroline Vert died there. John and his two surviving children, settled in Proton Township, Grey County, Ontario, early in the 1850s. He married 2) Chistina Stephen (ca. 1841-ca. 1892) in Proton Township in 1861. They had seven children, 1863-1878. Children and grandchildren listed lived in Ontario, Michigan, Alberta and elsewhere.
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