The Virgin Way

  • Auteur: Sir Richard Branson
  • ISBN: 0753544466
  • Date de sortie: 2014-09-09
  • Collection: Random House
  • Total Download: 7145
  • Total Read: 5246

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In September 2012, a YOUGOV poll conducted in Britain found that the person British workers would most like as their manager was Sir Richard Branson. With over 40 years in business, Richard Branson is an inspiring pioneer of humanitarian projects and an iconic business leader. In The Virgin Way: How to Listen, Learn, Laugh and Lead, Richard shares and distils his secrets of leadership and success. Featuring anecdotes from his own business dealings, as well as his observations of many others who have inspired him – from politicians, business leaders, explorers, scientists and philanthropists – Richard reflects on the qualities he feels are essential for success in today’s world. This is not a conventional book on leadership. There are no rules – but rather the secrets of leadership that he has learned along the way from his days at Virgin Records, to his recent work with The Elders. Whether you’re at the beginning of your career, or head of a Fortune 500 company – this is your guide to being your own CEO (Chief Enabling Officer) and becoming a true leader – not just a boss.

Virgin Or Vamp

  • Auteur: Helen Benedict
  • ISBN: 0195086651
  • Date de sortie: 1993
  • Collection: Oxford University Press on Demand
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In the last few years, the national press has lavished coverage on several major sex-related scandals: the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings, the William Kennedy Smith rape trial, and the Mike Tyson case. With each event came lurid stories pitting either a loose or virginal woman against an unwilling or monstrous man. Such extreme coverage, argues Helen Benedict, perpetuates myths that are harmful to victims of these crimes (and sometimes to the accused). In Virgin or Vamp Benedict examines the press's treatment of four notorious sex crimes from the past decade--the Rideout marital rape trial in Oregon, the Big Dan's pool table gang rape in Massachusetts, the "Preppy Murder" in New York City, and the Central Park jogger case--and shows how victims are labelled either as virgins or vamps, a practice she condemns as misleading and harmful. Benedict also looks at other factors that perpetuate the misunderstanding of rape. For instance, she shows how the New York press presented the Central Park jogger rape case as motivated by racism because of its unwillingness to consider rape an issue of gender. She also addresses our inherent language bias, the press's tendency to use sexually suggestive language to describe crime victims, and its preference for crimes against whites. In conclusion, Benedict offers a number of solutions that will help reporters cover these increasingly common crimes without further harming the victims, the defendants, or public understanding.

The Virgin the King and the Royal Slaves of El Cobre

  • Auteur: María Elena Díaz
  • ISBN: 9780804747134
  • Date de sortie: 2002-07-01
  • Collection: Stanford University Press
  • Total Download: 3780
  • Total Read: 2564

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This book tells the extraordinary story of a village of peasants and miners who were slaves belonging to the king of Spain and whose local patroness was a vision of the virgin. It explores the ways the royal slaves, assisted by te force of popular religion, achieved a degree of freedom unprecedented in other colonial societies of the New World.

A Virgin for Vasquez

  • Auteur: Cathy Williams
  • ISBN: 1488000980
  • Date de sortie: 2016-07-01
  • Collection: Harlequin
  • Total Download: 3317
  • Total Read: 4563

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A vow of revenge… When Sophie Griffin-Watt walked out of tycoon Javier Vasquez's life, and down the aisle with another man, he swore to find a way to make her pay. A proposition from her past… With Sophie desperate for Javier's help to save her family, his assistance comes with a price tag—the gorgeous body that was denied to him! An unimaginable outcome… Javier's delicious game of retribution seemed the only way to get Sophie out of his system once and for all. But when he discovers Sophie's exquisite innocence, he can no longer play by those rules…


  • Auteur: Hanne Blank
  • ISBN: 1596910119
  • Date de sortie: 2008-03-04
  • Collection: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
  • Total Download: 1564
  • Total Read: 7293

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A provocative social history examines the history of virginity and of noted virgins in Western culture, describing the unique fascination civilization has had for virginity from a social, political, economic, philosophical, medical, and legal standpoint. Reprint.

In the Shadow of the Virgin

  • Auteur: Gretchen D. Starr-LeBeau
  • ISBN: 9780691096834
  • Date de sortie: 2003
  • Collection: Princeton University Press
  • Total Download: 4277
  • Total Read: 1814

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On June 11, 1485, in the pilgrimage town of Guadalupe, the Holy Office of the Inquisition executed Alonso de Paredes--a converted Jew who posed an economic and political threat to the town's powerful friars--as a heretic. Wedding engrossing narratives of Paredes and other figures with astute historical analysis, this finely wrought study reconsiders the relationship between religious identity and political authority in late-Medieval and early-modern Spain. Gretchen Starr-LeBeau concentrates on the Inquisition's handling of conversos (converted Jews and their descendants) in Guadalupe, taking religious identity to be a complex phenomenon that was constantly re-imagined and reconstructed in light of changing personal circumstances and larger events. She demonstrates that the Inquisition reified the ambiguous religious identities of conversos by defining them as devout or (more often) heretical. And she argues that political figures used this definitional power of the Inquisition to control local populations and to increase their own authority. In the Shadow of the Virgin is unique in pointing out that the power of the Inquisition came from the collective participation of witnesses, accusers, and even sometimes its victims. For the first time, it draws the connection between the malleability of religious identity and the increase in early modern political authority. It shows that, from the earliest days of the modern Spanish Inquisition, the Inquisition reflected the political struggles and collective religious and cultural anxieties of those who were drawn into participating in it.

The Virgin and Her Lover

  • Auteur: Thomas Hägg
  • ISBN: 9789004132603
  • Date de sortie: 2003
  • Collection: BRILL
  • Total Download: 6451
  • Total Read: 9110

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This publication and discussion of the fragments of the Greek novel of "M?tiokhos and Parthenop?" and the Persian epic poem based on it, ?Un?ur?'s V?miq and ?Adhr?, adds a new work to the corpus of ancient novels and sheds new light on Persian epic poetry.
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