XX Stories

  • Auteur: Leopold Wagner
  • ISBN:
  • Date de sortie: 1895
  • Collection:
  • Total Download: 8982
  • Total Read: 9974

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Homer Odyssey Books XIX and XX

  • Auteur: Homer
  • ISBN: 9780521347600
  • Date de sortie: 1992-04-30
  • Collection: Cambridge University Press
  • Total Download: 9376
  • Total Read: 4803

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A general survey of the Odyssey, together with comment on the action, characterisation and style of books XIX and XX.

Alpha Male

  • Auteur: X. X. and XY
  • ISBN: 0615175090
  • Date de sortie: 2007-12-01
  • Collection: Lulu.com
  • Total Download: 1589
  • Total Read: 8818

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ALPHA MALE: Who They Are, How They Think, What They Want; How To Attract, Meet, Marry & Train One. In hundreds of hours of interviews Alpha Males tell in their own words exactly what attracts them to a woman, who they pursue, how they feel about the women they sleep with, what they think about women at work. You can even make an Alpha Male fall in love, propose marriage (these skills can actually be learned) and with training become a great husband. [Warning! this book is NOT politically correct; it does not agree with common thinking today re: hook-ups, dating, marriage.] Some of what Alpha Males themselves say about women, sex, and finding someone to love and commit to may astound you.

Reading Seminar XX

  • Auteur: Suzanne Barnard
  • ISBN: 0791488268
  • Date de sortie: 2012-02-01
  • Collection: SUNY Press
  • Total Download: 2199
  • Total Read: 6242

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Examines Lacan's key seminar on sexual difference, knowledge, desire, and love.

French XX Bibliography 61

  • Auteur: William J. Thompson
  • ISBN: 157591137X
  • Date de sortie: 2010-09-01
  • Collection: Susquehanna University Press
  • Total Download: 4448
  • Total Read: 9718

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Lessing Yearbook Index to Volumes I XX and the Supplements

  • Auteur: Edward Dvoretzky
  • ISBN: 9780814325216
  • Date de sortie: 1994
  • Collection: Wayne State University Press
  • Total Download: 3398
  • Total Read: 1774

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This volume is a register and bibliography to the first 20 volumes of the Lessing Yearbook and its supplements, Humanitaet und Dialog, Lessing in heutiger Sicht, Nation und Gelehrtenrepublik, and Lessing und die Toleranz.

The Pushcart Prize XX

  • Auteur: Bill Henderson
  • ISBN: 9780916366995
  • Date de sortie: 1995
  • Collection: Not Applicable
  • Total Download: 5543
  • Total Read: 5576

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A collection of short stories, essays, and poems, culled from small presses and literary journals
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